Tauseef Mustafa

Why I left government…to become a doctor

Read Victoria Whitworth’s inspiring story

By Ray Wells

Losing your job in your 50s

Losing her job left Noon editor Eleanor Mills at sea. But then she discovered something new

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Reignite your career 1: Dump your excuses, write your pitch

Get rid of the things holding you back and learn how you can package yourself to land your next job

Francesco Guidicini

I feel sexier at 55 than at 29

Long-lost photos made Rosie Millard realise that despite her wrinkles, she’s hotter now than ever before

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The Noon Reboot Retreat

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I had two kids, no parents, no husband and no idea how to pay the mortgage…

Tillie Harris on surviving a midlife meltdown

5 Tips Every Woman Needs at Midlife

The Noon founder shares her tips on feeling good, experiencing joy and coping well with changes in our 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond.

9 things to expect from midlife dating

Cosmo Landesman explores the pitfalls of returning to the dating scene

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Noon is unlike anything else out there for women in midlife. Which means we are building it along with our community to respond to their needs and the help they require. What’s here is only the beginning.

We will be doing much more with our Noon Icons. Our Advisory Board will contribute and we have loads of ideas, but we want to find out what YOU want. We have book clubs coming on stream, while technology, fashion, wealth and beauty coverage will all unfold in the weeks to come, as will more events, Connect groups and retreats.

Noon’s goal is to serve the whole woman – brain food, fun, expert help, stories of metamorphosis – but above all to build a responsive, loving, authentic space for these women who for too long have been neglected and under-served.

Not any more. Welcome to Noon.

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What do you really want? Sheila V on taking The Courageous Path

Sheila Vijeyarasa outlines the steps to discovering your true self

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‘Is it more important to fit in, or get courageous and curious enough to do me?’