I became a student again at 58




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“I was made redundant in my 50s”

After a 30-year-career in publishing, one Queenager describes how it feels being the victim of mid-life redundancy.

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Sheryl Sandberg on NOON: ‘It’s fantastic’

Sheryl Sandberg throws her weight behind Noon’s campaign to highlight the last bastion of discrimination and the forgotten part of diversity – ageism

Join us: Inside the Noon Reboot Retreat

Discover the women’s wellness retreat like no other … and transform your life!

Becoming a mid-life apprentice

There are all sorts of ways you can make a change to your career in mid-life, becoming an apprentice is something that not many Queenagers realise is one of them. Diane Kenwood investigates what apprenticeships involve and how they work at Amazon UK. 

Learning to swim in your fifties

In spite of being a former personal trainer and now a Women’s Health Coach, Thelma Mensah had never been able to swim. A conversation with Noon founder, Eleanor Mills, and the chance to take part in one of the Noon retreats proved to be the incentive she needed to finally take the plunge and learn. 

Plenty more fish? 

What one Queenager learnt from swimming with sharks in the sea of midlife online dating

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Age is the box no one ticks when it comes to diversity

You can’t be what you can’t see – older women need a new cultural script

I asked how to handle this massive upheaval and I was deluged with advice.

When Ritula Shah left the BBC after 35 years it felt like a bereavement. And whilst she did her best to follow the suggestions she was given for managing such a major change, things didn’t quite work out as planned.

I’m so glad lockdown is over – it nearly broke me

Staying home with your nearest and dearest may have turbo-charged some relationships, but for me it’s pushed the limits

Iceland – a country like no other

Majestic landscapes, thrilling sights and wonderful adventures are what Diane Kenwood discovered on an unexpected trip to Iceland.

Incontinence: One of the Last Taboos for Queenagers?

Women in their forties and fifties speak about the embarrassment they feel towards their incontinence. Conversations need to be had to provide women with accurate and helpful information.

“I feel I’ve found my tribe” “It’s wonderful to know I’m not alone in what I’m experiencing and feeling”
Just a couple of quotes from women who’ve been to one of our Noon Circles. Each month a group of Queenagers gather together (mostly in person, but sometimes on-line as well) to share their experiences, views and thoughts about the issues and challenges they’re facing as they navigate mid-life.
Each Circle focuses on a particular theme – although the discussion is always satisfyingly wide-ranging – and sometimes there’s a guest interviewee to start the evening off.
Whatever the topic, and whoever is in the group, you can be sure that the conversation will be honest, supportive, encouraging, understanding and enlightening.

Noon Circles are only available to our Queenager newsletter subscribers, so sign up HERE to become one.

We look forward to seeing you at a Circle very soon.

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“I love being a Queenager”

Laura Kuenssberg talks to Eleanor Mills about Brexit chaos, how the country was on the verge of a revolution, why she never wanted to be famous, and how she feels about being a mid-life woman

Why Jo Whiley is seeing midlife through a whole new lens

Jo and Eleanor were joined by an array of inspiring speakers and guests at a special Queenager event hosted by Noon and Vision Express

Minnie Driver talks midlife power, Hollywood & Managing Expectations

The Brit and Hollywood A-lister has published a memoir as a collection of essays. Here she talks midlife with Eleanor.

World Exclusive: Sheryl Sandberg talks to Eleanor Mills about leaving Facebook

‘I’m proud to be a Queenager’ Sheryl tells Eleanor as she moves into her own new chapter in midlife.

Why we’re all talking about menopause

Menopause has gone from a topic talked about in hushed tones to a full-on campaign