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The key to a fulfilling mid-life career – mastering your dance with fear and confidence

We know mid-life is a uniquely challenging time, but it’s also a key pivotal time. The choices you make now really matter. Author and careers coach, Laura Walker, shares insights from her award-winning research and what you can do to help yourself master the next steps. 

Why on earth is NICE recommending CBT as a menopause treatment?

Noon founder, Eleanor Mills, challenges the new NICE guidelines that CBT should be prescribed as a treatment for menopause symptoms.

Alcohol and high-achieving women – the hidden epidemic

Changing her own life after decades of barely concealed alcohol abuse, led former chartered accountant, Sandra Parker, to realise she was far from alone in her struggle. And to a determination to help other women, and men, to take control over their alcohol consumption.

Financial Spanx for Queenagers

Webinar with Noon and AJ Bell

Financial Spanx to squeeze the most into Queenagers’ pensions

Mid-life is an important time to pay attention to your pension and make sure you’ll have the money you need for the future you want

Dr Lucy Ryan

The Silent Revolution – why midlife women are walking out at the peak of their careers

Why are so many midlife women leaving corporates just as they should be coming into their work prime? Lucy Ryan reveals a silent revolution

Dr Lucy Ryan author of Revolting Women

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“People don’t realise how much of what happens with your hormones affects your mouth and your teeth.”

It turns out the menopause can play havoc with your teeth on top of everything else. Oh joy. But help is at hand, in the shape of Dr Uchenna Okoye, who is making it her mission to change the way we manage caring for our teeth. As Chrissy Iley discovered. 

Back to the office: Back to ‘normal’ is not exactly what women need

Women, work and the push to go back to the office

Picture: BBC

Hooray for unlikeable heroines

We should embrace female characters who are deeply flawed and not nice

I’ve given up on younger men. Now I’m dating a grandpa and it’s great

Dating grandfathers forced Antonella Gambotto-Burke to adjust her expectations

Learning to run saved my life

After recovering from brain surgery, Rosie Millard ran the London Marathon in less than 4 hours

Menopause and its symptoms: A Noon discussion

Join Noon for a menopause discussion on Instagram

“I feel I’ve found my tribe” “It’s wonderful to know I’m not alone in what I’m experiencing and feeling”
Just a couple of quotes from women who’ve been to one of our Noon Circles. Each month a group of Queenagers gather together (mostly in person, but sometimes on-line as well) to share their experiences, views and thoughts about the issues and challenges they’re facing as they navigate mid-life.
Each Circle focuses on a particular theme – although the discussion is always satisfyingly wide-ranging – and sometimes there’s a guest interviewee to start the evening off.
Whatever the topic, and whoever is in the group, you can be sure that the conversation will be honest, supportive, encouraging, understanding and enlightening.

Noon Circles are only available to our Queenager newsletter subscribers, so sign up HERE to become one.

We look forward to seeing you at a Circle very soon.

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“I love being a Queenager”

Laura Kuenssberg talks to Eleanor Mills about Brexit chaos, how the country was on the verge of a revolution, why she never wanted to be famous, and how she feels about being a mid-life woman

Why Jo Whiley is seeing midlife through a whole new lens

Jo and Eleanor were joined by an array of inspiring speakers and guests at a special Queenager event hosted by Noon and Vision Express

Minnie Driver talks midlife power, Hollywood & Managing Expectations

The Brit and Hollywood A-lister has published a memoir as a collection of essays. Here she talks midlife with Eleanor.

World Exclusive: Sheryl Sandberg talks to Eleanor Mills about leaving Facebook

‘I’m proud to be a Queenager’ Sheryl tells Eleanor as she moves into her own new chapter in midlife.

Why we’re all talking about menopause

Menopause has gone from a topic talked about in hushed tones to a full-on campaign