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‘I went to a sex club after divorce’

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How I learnt to nourish myself

The first half of my life was about being good, being approved of and being thin. It wasn’t until my marriage failed that I learnt what success really looked like, and how to nourish myself and the women I work with.

Book Club November 2021: Rachel Joyce

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How forest bathing changed my life

Forest bathing is about connecting to nature. For Liz Dawes, it was a pathway to reconnecting to herself.

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The Feelgood Menopause 1: An introduction to what you need to know

Menopause is not well understood or managed for many women. Do you know the basic facts about when it occurs, symptoms and whether you’ll get fat.

Is cryptocurrency the future of money for women?

Want to know more about crypto? We take you through the basics of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and the risks of investing in cryptocurrency.

Understanding life without children

Julia Bueno understands the challenge of losing a child as well as grappling with feelings associated with a childfree life. Here, she gives her insight

How to repot your life: Part 1

Have that nagging feeling that your life isn’t quite right? You may be potbound. Here’s how to repot your life so you can flourish.

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