Menopause Journal: ‘Why do I feel so at sea?’

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Menopause and its symptoms: A Noon discussion

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Book Club July 2021: Ruth Jones

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Coming back from a career break: A lawyer’s story

Coming back from a career break is a common experience for women in midlife. A lawyer describes how she did it.

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The Noon Menopause Journals

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The new literary prize for midlife writers

The literary agency Watson, Little’s new prize celebrates midlife writers and women’s stories

July 2021: What to read now

Discover the newest, great reads with this exclusive list from Sam Baker, host of the Noon Book Club.

How to repot your life: Part 1

Have that nagging feeling that your life isn’t quite right? You may be potbound. Here’s how to repot your life so you can flourish.

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