Our Mission & Team

Noon believes midlife is the age of opportunity.

Founder Eleanor Mills, her partners and our amazing Advisory Board came together to set up Noon. They saw too many women floundering in midlife as they were hit by multiple stresses, so she set up a community to help them through these pinch points and inspire them to embrace their next act. At Noon we know change is difficult; but it is also energising and exciting. Midlife is when those dreams we had when we were young but put aside to earn a living or raise a family can finally be revisited; it’s never too late to be what you wanted to be.

Midlife is an age of opportunity – a time for transformation and reinvention with the right help. 

Our experts will give you the advice you need to make the right choices. Our stories of transformation will inspire you to see what is possible and provide a map to the next version of you. And most of all the Noon community will support you on the journey. There’s So Much More To Come!

See our Eleanor’s personal story that launched Noon

Our Founder

Eleanor Mills is an award-winning editor, writer and broadcaster. She worked for The Sunday Times for 23 years as Editorial Director, Editor of The Sunday Times Magazine, and as a columnist and interviewer (interrogating everyone from Mikhail Gorbachev to Sheryl Sandberg and Theresa May). As Chair of Women in Journalism (2014 – 2021) she argued that the media must be a true mirror, not a distorting lens, which is what happens if decision makers are not diverse. She is a trustee of the Society of Editors, a board member of Reporters Sans Frontiers and her publications include Cupcakes and Kalashnikovs: 100 Years of the Best Journalism by Women, published by Hachette. She is working on her first novel and lives in London with her husband and two teenage daughters.

Noon’s Editorial Team

Diane Kenwood – Editorial Director

Diane is a journalist and broadcaster. She was the editor of Woman’s Weekly and the Marks and Spencer magazine, has presented programmes and series on TV and radio (she currently has a weekly chat slot on Boom Radio) and runs her own blog and website, These Are The Heydays. She’s a former chair of the British Society of Magazine Editors, a director of the Women of the Year Lunch and sits on the Board of Trustees of the International Longevity Centre, the leading think tank on the challenges and opportunities, across the lifespan, of having an ageing population.

Karen Stenning – Chief Operating Officer

Karen is the founder of Absolute Alchemy, a business that hosts and produces events which create change for both the planet and people.  She believes that bringing people together to learn, make connections and have dialogue leads to long lasting change on a large scale.  She has worked in the entrepreneurial sector since 2017, supporting under-represented founders as they build and develop their impact businesses.  She started InvestHER (now HERmesa), which built a female-led angel investing network and is the Vestpod Brighton & Hove pod leader. 

She is a supporter of Spirited Futures leadership academy for young changemakers and has been developing a number of retreats to engage a tribe of young entrepreneurs and disruptors, who are making the planet and people their priority.  

Dr Lucy Ryan – Head of Consulting

Managing Director of Mindspring International for the past 20 years, Lucy has trained, consulted with and coached over 10,000 leaders in blue-chip companies across 29 countries. A passionate advocate for women’s professional development, helping organisations attract, retain and promote their female leaders and gender proof their succession plans, she published the bestselling Lunchtime Learning for Leaders, and is the author of Revolting Women: why midlife women walk out (and what to do about it) – read the piece she wrote about that for Noon HERE. She has a Masters in Positive Psychology, lectures at the University of East London, is an honorary research fellow at the University of Liverpool and an accredited Master Practitioner Coach.

Megan Payton – Head of Consumer Experience

Megan graduated from the University of Kent in July 2023 with a first class degree in Journalism. Alongside her degree she has a Gold Standard NCTJ Diploma. Megan works behind the scenes for Noon, ensuring all things tech run smoothly.

She also works as Marketing Manager for Dream Academy PA, a performing arts company based in Kent, running their website, social media accounts and also teaching singing, dancing and acting to children.

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