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Noon is the premier media site and social media property for women in midlife. We work with brands who want to reach this powerful group. Noon’s distinct mix of transformation stories, interviews with high-profile women, advice, health guidance, events and dynamic social media content strikes a chord with these women like no other media company.

Noon provides readers and followers access to thought leaders, inspiration, information and insight they don’t get elsewhere. Nooon’s mission has been covered in publications ranging from Forbes to The Telegraph to Campaign magazine. It’s a media property like no other. (See Noon in the Media.)

How we work with brands

Noon creates bespoke, unique projects with strong narrative themes. The result: excellent message pull-through, call to actions that motivate midlife women and the opportunity to engage with this demographic in a fresh and effective way. Our projects and campaigns include:


Surveys & research

Native content

Instagram Lives and Grid posts

Zoom events



…and more

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About women in midlife

93 per cent of British women aged 40 to 60 make all or most of the financial decisions in the household

85 per cent of women over 55 years old think that advertising aimed at older people still rely on stereotypes, and a further 79 per cent believe it is patronising

They are often marketed to as a block, whereas Noon’s content caters to their different lives and lifestyles, including women who are parents, child-free, single, married, divorced, widowed, active, focussed on wellness, changing careers and more

The over-50s outspent younger counterparts by £376 billion in 2016, a number that has only grown since then.

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