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I became a student again at 58

Going back to university after nearly forty years of work was Queenager Linda’s chance to pursue her long-held dream of writing a novel.

Becoming a mid-life apprentice

There are all sorts of ways you can make a change to your career in mid-life, becoming an apprentice is something that not many Queenagers realise is one of them. Diane Kenwood investigates what apprenticeships involve and how they work at Amazon UK. 

Rethinking retirement

The whole concept and experience of retirement has fundamentally changed for our generation. Later life coach Denise Taylor, gives her advice on how to get the most out of life at this stage. First though, she shares her own transition story. 

Dr Lucy Ryan

The Silent Revolution – why midlife women are walking out at the peak of their careers

Why are so many midlife women leaving corporates just as they should be coming into their work prime? Lucy Ryan reveals a silent revolution

Dr Lucy Ryan author of Revolting Women

I asked how to handle this massive upheaval and I was deluged with advice.

When Ritula Shah left the BBC after 35 years it felt like a bereavement. And whilst she did her best to follow the suggestions she was given for managing such a major change, things didn’t quite work out as planned.

From CEO to Intern: How a 'What If' Year Changed My Life

Outwardly everything about Alisha Fernandez Miranda’s life seemed perfect - she had the career, the family and the home she’d always dreamed of. But inwardly she was in turmoil, unable to quieten the ‘what if’ questions about the paths and opportunities she had chosen not to pursue. Her solution to the dilemma was both radical and life-changing in pretty much every way. 

“I realised this was the thing I was here to do.”

Her own difficult childhood experience as a mixed-race girl brought up by a white family, and a transformational experience led Rebekah Clark to a lightbulb moment and a mission to change the lives and destinies of children around the world. 

We need to do this to save the planet

Fashion is one of the worst contributors to climate change and the industry is set to double emissions by 2030. If we are going to have any chance of achieving the drastic reduction in global warming that we need to, we HAVE to stop consuming so much. Former fashion editor Tiffanie Darke has a solution and a challenge. 

Re-thinking your mid-life

Each phase of life demands that we grow and change, and with careers moving from sprints to marathons, most of us aren’t fully considering and planning for the long haul. Noon Advisory Board member Avivah Wittenberg-Cox has developed a transformative toolbox to help you transition with clarity and purpose.  

I went from being bankrupt and having a breakdown to running a successful business and helping other women to do the same.

The battles Sarah Pittendrigh faced when her life fell apart in her thirties and how she clawed her way back to a life of purpose, success and security has inspired her to pay forward the lessons she learnt through her experiences.

“We want to shout from the top of our lungs about how magnificent mid-lifers are.”

Infuriated by society and the media’s attitude towards women over 40, Maria Teresa Creasey and her creative partner Rebecca Reeves decided to use their writing, performing and directing skills to champion midlife women and the right to new beginnings at any age. 

Why Queenagers need to embrace 'soft life'

I first heard of the phrase Soft Life on Instagram. I posted a picture of myself on a solo trip to the Maldives, and my cousin commented that I was enjoying the ‘soft life’. Soon after I started to see black girls and women all over my feed using the soft life hashtag to describe the lifestyle shift, they were making.