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Too many women flounder in midlife as they’re hit by multiple stresses. That’s why Eleanor Mills set up Noon, not just as a site but as a community that helps us through these pinch points, inspires us to embrace our next act and creates a place where we can do that with each other.

We will be doing much more with our Noon Icons. Our Advisory Board will contribute and we have loads of ideas, but we want to find out what YOU want. We have the Noon Book Club, while technology, fashion, money and beauty coverage will all unfold in the weeks to come, as will more events, Connect groups and retreats.

At Noon we know change is difficult; but it is also energising and exciting. Midlife is when those dreams we had when we were young but put aside for career or to raise a family can be revisited; it’s never too late to be what you wanted to be.

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