Transformation Stories

I became a student again at 58

Going back to university after nearly forty years of work was Queenager Linda’s chance to pursue her long-held dream of writing a novel.

“I was made redundant in my 50s”

After a 30-year-career in publishing, one Queenager describes how it feels being the victim of mid-life redundancy.

Learning to swim in your fifties

In spite of being a former personal trainer and now a Women’s Health Coach, Thelma Mensah had never been able to swim. A conversation with Noon founder, Eleanor Mills, and the chance to take part in one of the Noon retreats proved to be the incentive she needed to finally take the plunge and learn. 

Alcohol and high-achieving women - the hidden epidemic

Changing her own life after decades of barely concealed alcohol abuse, led former chartered accountant, Sandra Parker, to realise she was far from alone in her struggle. And to a determination to help other women, and men, to take control over their alcohol consumption.

A Queenager’s first Glastonbury

Louise Monaghan considered going to the world’s biggest performing arts festival for the first time at 55, nothing more than a been-there-done-that box-ticking exercise. It turned out to be a lot more life-changing than that. 

“I was reminded of who I was on a level beyond the physical body I'd had such a complicated relationship with.”

After decades of being at war with her body, two lots of twin pregnancies and a revelatory experience with indigenous Amazonian tribes, have transformed the way Katy Walton feels about her sense of self.

From CEO to Intern: How a 'What If' Year Changed My Life

Outwardly everything about Alisha Fernandez Miranda’s life seemed perfect - she had the career, the family and the home she’d always dreamed of. But inwardly she was in turmoil, unable to quieten the ‘what if’ questions about the paths and opportunities she had chosen not to pursue. Her solution to the dilemma was both radical and life-changing in pretty much every way. 

“It has taken me my whole adult life to understand that the only place you can be truly safe is within yourself”

She’s the co-founder of a beauty brand created to lift your energy and mood but her start in life couldn’t have been more difficult. Tracey Woodward shares her astonishing story and the principles she’s learned to live by that have made her, against all the odds, the successful business woman and mother she is today.

Photo by Rick Guest

“I thought I’d die a pleaser. Then I hit 50 and now I just don’t give a shit.” 

Breaking free from her lifelong need for approval has meant singer, songwriter and musician, Judith Owen, can finally be her authentic, unapologetic self. And she’s loving it.

"I learnt to listen to what my body was trying to tell me”

At the peak of her career Rebecca Hill found herself struggling with severe burnout and gruelling menopause symptoms. Mindful Self Compassion not only helped her take control of her health and wellbeing, but changed the course of her work as well. 

I was childless and heartbroken. Nature healed me

Like nearly half of my generation I haven't had kids. Nature, wild swimming and the sea healed me

“Tragic circumstances forced me to redesign my future”

The devastating loss of her husband, aged just 49, led Liz Withyman to reassess her own life and health. Discovering Time Restricted Eating and embarking on a new career changed everything for her.