Minnie Driver talks midlife power, Hollywood & Managing Expectations

The Brit and Hollywood A-lister has published a memoir as a collection of essays. Here she talks midlife with Eleanor.

Minnie Driver book Managing Expectations book coverFor women in midlife, Minnie Driver is a familiar name. We spent our youth watching her in films, reading about her in magazines, seeing her cameos on TV and perhaps even hearing her sing. Now she has published Managing Expectations, a memoir in essays that’s described as a “tell most” book, with candid, hilarious and poignant stories about her unconventional life.

Noon founder Eleanor Mills spoke with Minnie about the book, midlife, Hollywood and why now is the best time of our lives. Watch the full interview below or see clips on our social media.

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  1. Loved this both of you; so much stellar content here. On the lighter side…I so get what Minnie said about driving in London. I could write a whole book, having done so for 18 years, 8 of which on a moped. I used to nickname the different drivers. The drivers are most dangerous in the following order: 1. School Run Mum (looks over shoulder constantly, is on phone, drives a tank so doesn’t care), 2. White Van Man (needs no explanation!), 3. Black Cab Driver (think they own the place). The men think their cars are narrower than they actually are and constantly ram their oversized vehicles into spaces that don’t fit and the women think their cars are larger than they are so they block lanes that could be free because they don’t think they fit!

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