’We had drifted apart, but I never forgot her. How could I? 

Was it chance or serendipity that led Jane Corry to an unexpected and moving reunion? 

Helen Paris and Leslie Hill

“We have experienced being looked through, looked past or hidden away entirely”

As a young lesbian woman in the eighties, there were no older women couples Helen Paris could look as role models. Now married to her partner of 27 years, she questions whether lesbian couples are any more visible and recognised all these decades later.

Nesting co-parenting after divorce

When Beth Behrendt and her husband divorced they never imagined the temporary parenting arrangement they came to for their sons would be so beneficial to them all they’d still be doing it nearly a decade later.

How I became a divorce coach

Her own difficult, painful divorce and a passing comment from her solicitor, led Sally Jackson to a fulfilling new role supporting other women going through the same experience. 

Welcome to the parent grief club 

When Kerensa Jennings’ beloved mum died, she became a member of a club she never knew existed or wanted to join, and was left wondering why more people don’t talk about the special searing grief of losing a parent.

What sex is really like in your 50s

When you were younger and firmer, whatever you imagined sex when you got to your 50s would be like, you were almost certainly wrong, as Bibi Lynch reveals. 

“Sex is my addiction. My heroin, my vodka. But much less harmful”

Elizabeth Green grew overlooked in favour of her adored, and eventually infamous, brother. It led her to search for love, and sex, in all the wrong places. Until she moved to New York.

The Top Ten Mistakes to Avoid When You’re Looking For Love

There are two ways of looking for love - three if you’re prepared to wear a sandwich board. But these are the things not to do when you’re searching for someone, as dating coach Delissa Needham explains.

How to Have Sex Again With Someone New 

Having new sex in mid-life, for whatever reason, can be quite the challenge. But it can also be life-affirmingly wonderful. Sex and love expert, Annabelle Knight, guides you through the pitfalls and the potentials of start-again-sex.

Looking back I see a woman, driven by hormones, burning her life down

Actor Juliet Cowan found going through the menopause bruising and bewildering, but she emerged feeling more powerful and having “grown into myself”. 

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Uncovered - the menopause divorce

A survey has revealed menopause to be a contributing factor in the rise in divorce rates amongst mid-life couples, as Chrissy Iley discovers when she talks to divorce specialist lawyer, Sarah Crilly.

Want to meet a new partner? Try a relationship retread

Dating coach Delissa Needham has an unusual suggestion for finding a successful new relationship later in life.