World Menopause Day Event

How do we make menopause a more inclusive experience?

October 18th 2022 is World Menopause Day and Noon marked the occasion with a special discussion hosted by Noon founder Eleanor Mills and featuring a panel of fabulously formidable, interesting women.

To watch the debate click here  and to sign our Parliamentary Petition for menopause to be made a QOF, so that ALL women are called to talk to their GP about it when they are 45 which would mean EVERYONE got the medical advice they need (not just those who can afford to pay) and that doctors are fully trained in menopause (currently most are not) click on the Parliamentary Petition link above. This petition is backed by all our panellists and the Menopause Charity and Henpicked. 

Over the past couple of years the conversation about the menopause has exploded with a raft of celebrities talking about how it has been for them and some high profile projects such as Davina McCall’s documentary series on Channel 4. This has had a huge effect on the ground – the number of prescriptions for HRT has increased by 30 per cent according to the latest figures from the NHS. But there are huge disparities around access to care. Women in the most deprived areas of the UK are half as likely to be prescribed HRT and when they are they are often being given older varieties which have more side effects. When it comes to other minority communities many women still think that menopause is a posh white woman’s issue. The next frontier in the menopause debate has to be widening access to information and treatment – so today we have assembled a stellar panel of women to discuss how to do exactly that. Is technology a solution? What policies that government could introduce might help? What do women from different communities need on the ground? How do we spread the word so it gets heard where it most needs to?

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Making Menopause More Inclusive

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Making menopause more inclusive : The context and the challenges

The conversation around menopause is changing, but there are still too many inequalities in women’s care and treatment. Noon founder, Eleanor Mills, explains the issues we’ll be confronting in our new inclusive menopause series

Making menopause more inclusive: Meet parliament’s menopause warrior

Carolyn Harris MP has put menopause on the global political map now she is determined all women – not just posh white ones – must benefit. Eleanor Mills meets her

Carolyn Harris MP

Making menopause more inclusive : The global majority experience

The experience of menopause amongst minority ethnic women is substantially worse than for white women. Yasmin Alibhai-Brown explores the cultural and societal background to why this is, and calls for more recognition and support for women in diverse communities.

Making menopause more inclusive : HRT and the bigger picture

Knowledge is a powerful thing when it comes to your menopause and getting the treatment that’s right for you. These are facts you need to know about the wide variety of HRT prescriptions and how the current crisis in health care can impact your ability to get it.

Making menopause more inclusive: What needs to change about GP care

Not enough GPs understand or recognise the symptoms of menopause, meaning too many women are struggling to get the right treatment. A simple system change could make a big difference – to both GPs and their patients.

Making menopause more inclusive : HRT and the prescription system

The prescription and availability of HRT is affected by several issues. Funding is one of them. Donna Ferguson explains why the system needs to change and how it can be done.

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If you are fired up by watching this and would like to sign the Noon petition, backed by everyone on the panel, to make menopause a QOF then click here

Meet our fantastic panel

Eleanor Mills

Panel chair and Noon founder, award winning editor, writer and broadcaster Eleanor spent 23 years at The Sunday Times, as Editorial Director, Editor of the Sunday Times Magazine and columnist and interviewer. She was Chair of Women in Journalism, is a trustee of the Society of Editors, a board member of Reporters Sans Frontiers and a passionate advocate of Queenagers.

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Carolyn Harris MP

Carolyn has lived and worked in her Swansea East constituency all her life. Determined to widen the conversation around menopause and address the issues through parliamentary policy she introduced a Private Member’s Bill into Parliament last year. As a result, the parliamentary Menopause Task Force was formed with her as co-chair. Its aim is to transform menopause support and services for women across the UK.

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Anita Powell

Community activist and menopause campaigner, Anita is the founder of Menopause Alliance which offers peer support, activism and educational events to women in Bedford, and the co-founder of Black Women in Menopause, an online support group. She regularly organises and runs support events for women from diverse multicultural and social backgrounds.

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Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

The first regular columnist of colour and the first female Muslim on a national newspaper in the UK, Yasmin is an award-winning journalist and author, a respected advisor and consultant on race and gender equality, and a sought-after radio and television broadcaster, pundit and commentator. She has written for Noon about the experience of menopause in diverse ethnic communities.

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Kate Muir

Founder of The Menopause Charity, novelist and former Chief Film Critic of the Times, Kate is the author of Everything You Need to Know About the Menopause (but were too afraid to ask) and the producer of Davina McCall’s two groundbreaking menopause documentaries for Channel 4 (there’s another one on the way)

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Andrea Berchowitz

After 10 years with McKinsey and Company, then working for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation leading their work in the Middle East, Andrea left in 2019 to co-found Vira Health, a company focusing on women’s health support. Their first product is an app called Stella which helps women to manage the symptoms of menopause. Andrea’s 2021 TED Talk on the links between menopause and gender inequity in the workplace has had over 1.6 million views.

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Jennifer Howze

Award-winning journalist and blogger, Jennifer is Editorial Director at Netmums. She co-founded BritMums, the UK’s largest parent influencer network and whilst she was the online lifestyle editor at The Times, founded the paper’s Alpha Mummy blog. She’s a frequent contributor on Sky TV, Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour and BBC tv and radio.

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Tina Backhouse

With over 25 years’ experience in global senior leadership roles the pharmaceutical industry, Tina is the General Manager of UK Women’s Health at Theramex, sponsors of the event and a leading global pharmaceutical company dedicated to women and their health. Tina’s focus is how to get more HRT into the hands of the patients who need it.

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We’re grateful to Theramex for sponsoring the event. 

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