Zoom: Understanding hair loss in midlife

Find out the facts about midlife hair loss, from thinning, patchy loss, hormone-related loss to other changes, from a panel of experts.

What causes midlife hair loss in women, what are the best treatments and how do you cope with the stress?

Join Noon and our panel of experts talking about the different types of hair loss for women and what you can do about it. Hosted by Noon founder Eleanor Mills, the panel will address this issue that’s not often talked about and can lead to stress, depression and anxiety.

Submit your questions ahead of time if you’d like answers about specific issues: hello@inherspace.co.uk.


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What hair loss in midlife was like for me

Chrissy Iley started to experience hair loss…and went on a journey to figure out what was happening to her locks.

Picture: Louise Haywood-Schiefer

What I learned about hair, makeup and myself by going grey

For years Kate Spicer coloured her hair. When she stopped, she suddenly learned there were some secrets to going grey.

5 of the best concealers for mature skin

Our Beauty Director Beatrice Aidin shares her top affordable concealers for midlife

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How to improve the way we age

Small regular habits can make a big difference in how we age…and feel. The Age Well Project tells us how.

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The transformative power of beauty in midlife

There’s more to beauty than mere pleasure and satisfaction, says Sue Peart.

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