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The key to a fulfilling mid-life career – mastering your dance with fear and confidence

We know mid-life is a uniquely challenging time, but it’s also a key pivotal time. The choices you make now really matter. Author and careers coach, Laura Walker, shares insights from her award-winning research and what you can do to help yourself master the next steps. 

"I love being a Queenager"

Laura Kuenssberg talks to Eleanor Mills about Brexit chaos, how the country was on the verge of a revolution, why she never wanted to be famous, and how she feels about being a mid-life woman

Dr Lucy Ryan

The Silent Revolution – why midlife women are walking out at the peak of their careers

Why are so many midlife women leaving corporates just as they should be coming into their work prime? Lucy Ryan reveals a silent revolution

Dr Lucy Ryan author of Revolting Women

How did I become unemployable in my mid-50s?

With so much experience, expertise and life-learned empathy to offer potential employers, Sue Lord finds it galling and frustrating that she can’t get a job.

I asked how to handle this massive upheaval and I was deluged with advice.

When Ritula Shah left the BBC after 35 years it felt like a bereavement. And whilst she did her best to follow the suggestions she was given for managing such a major change, things didn’t quite work out as planned.

From CEO to Intern: How a 'What If' Year Changed My Life

Outwardly everything about Alisha Fernandez Miranda’s life seemed perfect - she had the career, the family and the home she’d always dreamed of. But inwardly she was in turmoil, unable to quieten the ‘what if’ questions about the paths and opportunities she had chosen not to pursue. Her solution to the dilemma was both radical and life-changing in pretty much every way. 

The Case for Career Reassessment

We all reach a stage in our careers - and lives - where we feel an urge to reflect on what has gone before, and wonder about what the future holds. Here’s what to consider when you’re thinking about what next in your working life. 

How I became a divorce coach

Her own difficult, painful divorce and a passing comment from her solicitor, led Sally Jackson to a fulfilling new role supporting other women going through the same experience. 

The New Rules of Job Interviews

Job interviews can be nerve-wracking at any age, and whilst a lot of what you might remember from interviews in your past still applies, there are some new considerations to consider when interviewing now.

Re-thinking your mid-life

Each phase of life demands that we grow and change, and with careers moving from sprints to marathons, most of us aren’t fully considering and planning for the long haul. Noon Advisory Board member Avivah Wittenberg-Cox has developed a transformative toolbox to help you transition with clarity and purpose.  

Burning the Wrong Witch

Television is a shockingly perilous place for most female journalists, whatever their age and experience, as Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, who was on the Question Time panel when host Fiona Bruce came under fire, reveals. 

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Could you do with a Mid-life MOT?

The government wants people in mid-life to take stock of their finances, skills, health and careers. Eleanor Mills suggests the questions you should be asking yourself and what the answers show about how ready you are for the next quarter of your life.