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Becoming a painter at 50

Jocasta Shakespeare loves that she found the artist inside in midlife, not earlier....

Reignite Your Career - Our FREE Masterclass

Careers expert Lisa Unwin reveals how to reignite your career in midlife, find a new path and land the job you want

Why we need female determination and what it means

Noon gathered an illustrious panel to talk for International Women's Day to talk about Female Determination

Senior women in leadership are resilient

Eleanor Mills reveals Noon research that shows senior women bring something special to the workplace (as featured in the FT).

FREE Couch to Career Masterclass

Sign up for our FREE taster event to reignite your career! Had a long break? Not sure what to do next? This is for you

How to be in the room where it happens

How do you highlight your value in your job? Lisa Unwin shares her tips in a post-Covid workplace.

My midlife career crisis

I thought as a woman in her early 50s, I didn't stand a chance. I was wrong

Back to the office: Back to 'normal' is not exactly what women need

Women, work and the push to go back to the office

One Path Back to a Fulfilling Career

How returner programmes create opportunities for women to reboot careers in mid-life.

I swapped life as a diplomat to become a junior doctor, just as Covid hit...

Victoria Whitford used to negotiate hostage release but with a small child in tow she opted for another kind of busy

Why we need more midlife women on our screens

The representation of midlife women onscreen is actually declining. To change it, we must work together

What do we do about the authority gap?

Why do men underestimate women? As we move into midlife, we have an opportunity to be fearless and promote female authority.