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This is what mid-life women need to get back into the workforce

As the Chancellor announces his plans to incentivise the 3.5 million people of pre-retirement age not in work to return to the workforce, Noon founder Eleanor Mills lays down the gauntlet to companies still stubbornly refusing to recognise the value of older workers.

I went from being bankrupt and having a breakdown to running a successful business and helping other women to do the same.

The battles Sarah Pittendrigh faced when her life fell apart in her thirties and how she clawed her way back to a life of purpose, success and security has inspired her to pay forward the lessons she learnt through her experiences.

How to make a successful mid-life career transition

Pivoting your career in mid-life can seem like a daunting prospect, but as career transition coach Hazel Martin explains, it doesn't need to be. She shares her top career change tips.

Why we need more Queenagers in leadership positions

Midlife women are the canary in the coalmine for broader diversity within organisations - companies can't afford to lose them.

Launching a skincare brand was the least accidental of all my career moves

The seed of her business idea was planted when Jenni Retourne was a young journalist working on a trade magazine. It would take 20 years, and several lucky accidents, for it to take root.

I was invisible, but now I've learned to show up and speak out

When film and video producer Nina Froriep left her native Switzerland to start a company and a life in New York, she couldn't have anticipated the challenges and rewards that lay ahead of her. Or that she would one day return to her home country with a whole new career.

Why I resigned from emergency nursing after 22 years

Lizzie Carter had wanted to be nurse from the age of 4. Leaving the job and the hospital she loved, but that left her emotionally and physically spent, finally felt like the only choice she could make.

How to say no...and not feel the guilt

Do you have a hard time saying no? Sylvia Cohen, a body language expert and a vocal coach, has shared her tips with Noon so that you can feel more confident saying “no” as a full sentence.

5 Things to Think About If You’re Considering Quitting Your Job

Quitting your job takes careful consideration to figure out if this is the right decision for you, and your best move. In this article, Anniki Sommerville offers guidance to help you weigh up the pros and cons.

Just Keep Pedalling

Anna Raptis is the founder of Mexico's first venture capital fund centred around women and is passionate about cycling as a way to challenge herself and focus her mind. She reflects on the parallels between her pastime of choice and her professional life... and celebrates the Female Tour De France running now for the first time in decades.

World Exclusive: Sheryl Sandberg talks to Eleanor Mills about leaving Facebook

'I'm proud to be a Queenager' Sheryl tells Eleanor as she moves into her own new chapter in midlife.

'It's OK not to want to "go freelance" in midlife!'

Midlifer and coach Jenny Stallard on why wanting to stay in a ‘real job’ is perfectly acceptable.