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I became a lingerie model at 48

Rachel Peru divorced and started over...before experiencing other set-backs. Then she volunteered for a charity fashion show

One Path Back to a Fulfilling Career

How returner programmes create opportunities for women to reboot careers in mid-life.

Why going back to study in midlife is so exciting

Channel your inner Rita by going back to school, recommends Wendy Lloyd. It changed her life.

I swapped life as a diplomat to become a junior doctor, just as Covid hit...

Victoria Whitford used to negotiate hostage release but with a small child in tow she opted for another kind of busy

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Age is the box no one ticks when it comes to diversity

You can't be what you can't see - older women need a new cultural script

My name is Minreet. It's racist to get it wrong

There is still no place in multi-cultural Britain for names that don't have an Anglo-Saxon heritage.

What do we do about the authority gap?

Why do men underestimate women? As we move into midlife, we have an opportunity to be fearless and promote female authority.

I hated being a corporate lawyer so I left and created a new life...

Forest bathing is about connecting to nature. For Liz Dawes, it was a pathway to reconnecting to herself.

Lessons from Now Teach about your second career

Teaching is a rewarding second career. The co-founder of Now Teach shares insights about switching tracks

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George Floyd, one year on: No turning back

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How to repot your life: Part 3

The final stage of repotting your life is about practices that add up to big changes.

Things can only get better… 

Linda Kelsey found midlife incredibly difficult. Now, almost 70, she sends us a postcard from our futures