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Minnie Driver talks midlife power, Hollywood & Managing Expectations

The Brit and Hollywood A-lister has published a memoir as a collection of essays. Here she talks midlife with Eleanor.

Older women and sports cars: True love?

In California, Chrissy Iley met the bevy of older women falling in love with sports cars.

Why we love dogs: Noon talks to Dog Days author Erick Waller

How are dogs important to us and how do they relate to midlife transformations

Why we need female determination and what it means

Noon gathered an illustrious panel to talk for International Women's Day to talk about Female Determination

The Noon Reboot Retreat

Over an amazing 4 days, Noon hosts our Reboot Retreat in the Yorkshire Dales. Read more about it -- we are now booking for our Spring and Autumn Retreats!

Book Club March 2022: Ericka Waller

Join us as Eleanor Mills talks with Ericka Waller about Dog Days at only online book event for midlife women.

Why I'm still a rock chick in midlife

Julie Poole started singing at her her rough comprehensive in Nottingham. After a few detours, she's grabbing the mic again.

FAQs: Noon Reboot Retreats

Got questions about our signature Reboot Retreat? We're always adding to this. Or contact us via email to discuss questions directly.

Choose your room for the Reboot Retreat

You'll feel like you're staying at a friend's for the weekend, as long as the friend lives on an historic 3,000-acre estate that goes back 32 generations.

What to expect at the Noon Reboot Retreat

Discover what awaits you at our signature retreat in the Yorkshire Dales.

An alternative to Valentine's Day: Galentine's Day

Chrissy Iley loves Galentine's Day -- an antidote to 14 February and the requirements of Valentine's Day.

Book Club February 2022: Julietta Henderson

The NOON Book Club - the only online book event for midlife women. Join us as Noon founder Eleanor Mills talks with Julietta Henderson