Midlife can mark an enormous change in our wealth and money life, either because of career, divorce, loss of a partner or even a newfound interest in investing. We explore personal stories and the ways that we can think about wealth and improve our finances.

Financial Spanx for Queenagers

Webinar with Noon and AJ Bell

Financial Spanx to squeeze the most into Queenagers’ pensions

Mid-life is an important time to pay attention to your pension and make sure you’ll have the money you need for the future you want

Financial Spanx when you’re going through divorce

Divorce is a huge upheaval in every way. Making sure you emerge properly financially supported takes planning, negotiation and an understanding of what you’re entitled to explains Donna Ferguson

Financial Spanx for Childfree Queenagers

A quarter of midlife women are childfree, giving them a huge financial advantage – but their needs are rarely met or talked about, by Dido Sandler.

Childfree Queenagers have different financial needs which are rarely met - how to build your legacy

Why it's time to pull on your financial Spanx

As Queenagers are coming into their prime at midlife, it’s the perfect time to asses their financial situation and put in place the underpinning they need to have the future they want, reports Dido Sandler.

How to make your money work for you, not the other way round

The best way to ensure your financial wellbeing is by building sensible, reliable financial foundations. financial coach, Sasha Speed, explains why that matters and how it can be done. 

Understanding your emotional relationship with money

Managing your mindset about money is key to feeling, and being, in control of your finances as Financial Coach, Sasha Speed, explains.

'I was the victim of financial abuse'

Louise was getting her life together after her divorce. Then her new partner needed a loan....

Why do advertisers ignore their best customers?

Women want to see their older selves reflected in ads. Why haven't agencies and advertisers caught on?

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Top 10 money hacks – or How to be the Queen of Mean

Lucy Reese realised that being good with money wasn't about one grand gesture but lots of small ones that add up.

Is cryptocurrency the future of money for women?

Want to know more about crypto? We take you through the basics of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and the risks of investing in cryptocurrency.

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My husband’s gambling changed the way I thought about money

I'd been married for almost 20 years when my husband revealed he'd gambled away thousands...