Women experience menopause in a variety of ways, with many different symptoms and effects. Here you’ll find unvarnished advice, tips and guidance on what can be an unsettling time of life.

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Why it's important to think about ageing well

The women behind the Age-Well Project share their enlightening Manifesto

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Noon Events

Discover Noon events to help you enjoy midlife more and achieve your dreams.

Reboot Retreat

Sex in midlife: What's affecting my libido?

Discover the things that can impact your sex drive as you get older.

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What do you really want? Sheila V on taking The Courageous Path

Sheila Vijeyarasa outlines the steps to discovering your true self

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Intuition is a Superpower

Sheila Vijeyarasa reveals how intuition is the key to self-discovery

My menopause: not a journey but a full-on car crash

GPs only receive basic menopause training, so Kate Muir's doctors seemed to be in the dark

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I had two kids, no parents, no husband and no idea how to pay the mortgage...

Tillie Harris on surviving a midlife meltdown

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Clean living made me ill

Amy's obsession with healthy eating and exercise derailed her life. This is how she recovered.

Clean living made me ill

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I feel sexier at 55 than at 29

Long-lost photos made Rosie Millard realise that despite her wrinkles, she's hotter now than ever before

Making peace with being childless (& loving being a stepmother)

Elizabeth Kesses reveals why she chose not to have a baby, but how stepmotherhood changed her