“Sex is my addiction. My heroin, my vodka. But much less harmful”

Elizabeth Green grew overlooked in favour of her adored, and eventually infamous, brother. It led her to search for love, and sex, in all the wrong places. Until she moved to New York.

The Top Ten Mistakes to Avoid When You’re Looking For Love

There are two ways of looking for love - three if you’re prepared to wear a sandwich board. But these are the things not to do when you’re searching for someone, as dating coach Delissa Needham explains.

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Want to meet a new partner? Try a relationship retread

Dating coach Delissa Needham has an unusual suggestion for finding a successful new relationship later in life.

How to Increase Your Confidence Around Dating

With the launch of the new Noon dating website we asked dating expert Dr Mairi Macleod for her top tips for making dating enjoyable and successful.

I left my husband for a woman

Liz Moseley had a creeping sense that something was wrong in her carefully constructed middle class life. And then she met Suzie on a Woman's March...

The Queenager : Eleanor's Letter (September 5th 2022)

What meeting Gorbachev taught me; and that back to school feeling!

How to avoid a toxic man in midlife

Sometimes the most charming men are actually the ones you want to avoid like the plague writes Mairi Macleod

'I left my husband for a woman'

VG Lee married her first boyfriend at 18, and though she could sense something was wrong, it wouldn't be until nearly 20 years after that that she could explore her true identity.

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Noon Expert: Dr Mairi Macleod

You CAN find love later in life! Our Noon expert reveals why we shouldn't always trust our gut instincts and how to identify, attract and desire someone to create a fantastic relationship.

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How to find Mr Right in midlife

A biologist’s approach to dating shows that embracing our power and shunning alpha males will get us what we want