Midlife can mark an enormous change in our wealth and money life, either because of career, divorce, loss of a partner or even a newfound interest in investing. We explore personal stories and the ways that we can think about wealth and improve our finances.

'I was the victim of financial abuse'

Louise was getting her life together after her divorce. Then her new partner needed a loan....

Why do advertisers ignore their best customers?

Women want to see their older selves reflected in ads. Why haven't agencies and advertisers caught on?

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Top 10 money hacks – or How to be the Queen of Mean

Lucy Reese realised that being good with money wasn't about one grand gesture but lots of small ones that add up.

Is cryptocurrency the future of money for women?

Want to know more about crypto? We take you through the basics of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and the risks of investing in cryptocurrency.

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My husband’s gambling changed the way I thought about money

I'd been married for almost 20 years when my husband revealed he'd gambled away thousands...

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5 steps to change the way you think about money in midlife

Midlife can drastically change our finances. It's also an important moment to shift how we think about money.

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How to achieve financial fitness (and why you need to) 

Just like with physical fitness, you can achieve financial fitness and change not just your relationship to money but your finances themselves

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How to repot your life: Part 3

The final stage of repotting your life is about practices that add up to big changes.

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Living hand to mouth in midlife

Being badgered by HMRC is seasonal for Kate Spicer, along with her cycle plenty and penury. What does it mean to be the wealthy hand to mouth?

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How to repot your life: Part 2

Discover the steps to repotting your life

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How to repot your life: Part 1

Have that nagging feeling that your life isn't quite right? You may be potbound. Here's how to repot your life so you can flourish.

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Thinking about splitting up? Divorce advice for midlife

When you're contemplating divorce, it's vital to think ahead. This dating advice from someone who's done it will help.