Health and Wellbeing

Learning to swim in your fifties

In spite of being a former personal trainer and now a Women’s Health Coach, Thelma Mensah had never been able to swim. A conversation with Noon founder, Eleanor Mills, and the chance to take part in one of the Noon retreats proved to be the incentive she needed to finally take the plunge and learn. 

Our Queenager Christmas Survival Guide

As you plunge into your Christmas celebrations, here are our tried and tested top tips for surviving the festive season. Happy Christmas from all of us at Noon!

Why on earth is NICE recommending CBT as a menopause treatment?

Noon founder, Eleanor Mills, challenges the new NICE guidelines that CBT should be prescribed as a treatment for menopause symptoms.

The key to a fulfilling mid-life career – mastering your dance with fear and confidence

We know mid-life is a uniquely challenging time, but it’s also a key pivotal time. The choices you make now really matter. Author and careers coach, Laura Walker, shares insights from her award-winning research and what you can do to help yourself master the next steps. 

Alcohol and high-achieving women - the hidden epidemic

Changing her own life after decades of barely concealed alcohol abuse, led former chartered accountant, Sandra Parker, to realise she was far from alone in her struggle. And to a determination to help other women, and men, to take control over their alcohol consumption.

“I was reminded of who I was on a level beyond the physical body I'd had such a complicated relationship with.”

After decades of being at war with her body, two lots of twin pregnancies and a revelatory experience with indigenous Amazonian tribes, have transformed the way Katy Walton feels about her sense of self.

“I want to make menopause an ordinary topic of conversation”

As someone who was pretty adept at preparing for her various life-stages, Rachel Weiss was woefully unaware of what lay in store when her perimenopause began. What she did as a result has changed the experience of menopause for hundreds of women.

“I realised therapy was less of a challenge than navigating your way towards it.”

Her own experience of traumatic mental breakdown in her family and her training in branding and communications then as psychotherapist has led Maryam Meddin to pioneer a new approach to mental health.

A day of reflection and renewal

Diane Kenwood thought she knew what lay in store when she joined the group of Queenagers who gathered at the Wasing estate in Berkshire for the second Noon retreat, but the day turned out to be even more affecting and impactful than she expected. 

Four simple words were the breaking and the making of me

A straightforward question turned into the crash and burn moment that made Claire Pestana realise what was missing from her life: herself.

Don’t use the M word

The UK government has rejected five recommendations on how to better protect the workplace rights of women experiencing menopause, arguing that agreeing to them could discriminate against men. Kate Monro shares her menopause story and why she believes supporting women going through menopause in the workplace is so urgently needed.

"I learnt to listen to what my body was trying to tell me”

At the peak of her career Rebecca Hill found herself struggling with severe burnout and gruelling menopause symptoms. Mindful Self Compassion not only helped her take control of her health and wellbeing, but changed the course of her work as well.