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The Noon Reboot Retreat

Over an amazing 4 days, Noon hosted a group of women and experts on a retreat in the Yorkshire Dales. Read more about it, sign up for future retreats and check our social media to see what it was like.

Picture: Blue Laybourne

Noon Icon #3: Sister Bliss

The British keyboardist, producer, DJ and songwriter shows how to keeping rocking it through midlife

Noon Icon #2: Raynor Winn

Very few of us can claim to have walked in Raynor Winn’s shoes, but every step of her transformative journey will inspire women from all walks of life.

Yushi Li: Seeing the world through a female lens

The photographer redirects the male gaze in her striking photographs

My new chapter - novelist at 78

All her life Kirsteen Stewart had wanted to write. It's never too late...

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