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Learning to swim in your fifties

In spite of being a former personal trainer and now a Women’s Health Coach, Thelma Mensah had never been able to swim. A conversation with Noon founder, Eleanor Mills, and the chance to take part in one of the Noon retreats proved to be the incentive she needed to finally take the plunge and learn. 

Our Queenager Christmas Survival Guide

As you plunge into your Christmas celebrations, here are our tried and tested top tips for surviving the festive season. Happy Christmas from all of us at Noon!

’We had drifted apart, but I never forgot her. How could I? 

Was it chance or serendipity that led Jane Corry to an unexpected and moving reunion? 

A Queenager’s first Glastonbury

Louise Monaghan considered going to the world’s biggest performing arts festival for the first time at 55, nothing more than a been-there-done-that box-ticking exercise. It turned out to be a lot more life-changing than that. 

Noon Tours: Jordan April 2024

The experience of a lifetime awaits you on a female-only, privately guided tour of this magical country and the people, places, traditions and landscapes that make it so unforgettable.

“It has taken me my whole adult life to understand that the only place you can be truly safe is within yourself”

She’s the co-founder of a beauty brand created to lift your energy and mood but her start in life couldn’t have been more difficult. Tracey Woodward shares her astonishing story and the principles she’s learned to live by that have made her, against all the odds, the successful business woman and mother she is today.

Photo by Rick Guest

“I thought I’d die a pleaser. Then I hit 50 and now I just don’t give a shit.” 

Breaking free from her lifelong need for approval has meant singer, songwriter and musician, Judith Owen, can finally be her authentic, unapologetic self. And she’s loving it.

We need to do this to save the planet

Fashion is one of the worst contributors to climate change and the industry is set to double emissions by 2030. If we are going to have any chance of achieving the drastic reduction in global warming that we need to, we HAVE to stop consuming so much. Former fashion editor Tiffanie Darke has a solution and a challenge. 

I hadn’t planned for the balls to fall to the ground in such dramatic fashion

Life didn’t work out quite the way Caro Giles expected. Here she explains how she found her way to a powerful reimagining of a life far removed from the one she thought she’d have.

Tensions in my body that have been there for years are released in a flush of emotions, tears, laughter and relief

Beatrice Aidin experiences a unique weekend retreat trying out the Human Method technique developed by Nahid de Belgeonne, aka the nervous system whisperer. 

Our family and friends think we're incredible for actually doing something so bold

When Kathinka Horn and her husband Kirstan decided they wanted to shake things up in their lives, they made the decision to go on the sort of trip that most of us only dream of.

Why Queenagers need to embrace 'soft life'

I first heard of the phrase Soft Life on Instagram. I posted a picture of myself on a solo trip to the Maldives, and my cousin commented that I was enjoying the ‘soft life’. Soon after I started to see black girls and women all over my feed using the soft life hashtag to describe the lifestyle shift, they were making.