The website: Next-Up

What it offers

The twin strands of Next-Up services help employees facing retirement to be inspired to use their skills in new ways, and employers to support their retiring employees through the transition out of full time work.

The services

There are two core services offered through the Next-Up website: Rethink Retirement is an online platform for employers to invest in for their employees as a service benefit. It offers ten modules for the individuals to work through and hundreds of videos of people sharing their experiences of working out what they wanted to do post work and the lessons they learned along the way. It also runs tailored workshops for companies and their employees which can be done in person or on-line by anything from 15 to 100 people. Each workshop is tailored to the sector and the seniority of the employees involved. They also make Re-think Retirement a Next-Up podcast.

The woman behind it

A former director of EY, Victoria Tomlinson, ran an award-winning communications business and helped a number of senior people who had recently retired and expected their career success to follow them.  She says, “No-one talks about what a challenging time retirement can be. People these days are fit and healthy and can have a whole second career after corporate life – but most are bereft of ideas or the skills. At Next-Up we want to help people have the best time of their lives, using their experience and combining that with family time and having fun.”

Why we love it

Anything that helps Queenagers to capitalise on all the expertise and experience they’ve gained through their working lives and gives them the inspiration and the tools they need to create a life filled with purpose and fulfilment is good news in our book. Victoria has also linked up with female tech leaders and entrepreneurs in Leeds who have helped her develop the Next-Up platform, introduced her to developers and supported her team in their work with their corporate clients. It’s a brilliant example of women helping women and showing what female collaboration can achieve.

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