The Queenager : Eleanor's Letter (November 13th 2022)

This week I learnt the value of calm and silence.

Dear Queenagers,

Very sorry no newsletter today. First time I haven’t done one for several months. I just came back from six days in silence off all phones and social media and email.

On the last day I felt a sense of impending dread at the electronic mountain ahead of me including writing something for today.

So I decided for once in my life to do one thing less. To be kind to myself and have a Sunday off. So I went for a swim in the sunshine. (Above)

Normal service will resume next week.

And for those of you interested in coming to Morocco – the email is – some of you have asked!

And I’ll be sorting out the Finance event for paid subscribers this week and sending details for our Noon Circle in Soho on Nov 23rd.

Hope you’ve had a lovely day!



By Eleanor Mills

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