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The Queenager: Eleanor's Letter (July 10th 2023)

Announcing the next Noon Book Club read and our next Noon Circle on divorce

Dear Queenagers

Yesterday we ran our Noon One Day Retreat at Wasing which was awesome, thanks for everyone who camHappy Sunday! Please forgive the tardiness of this missive. It’s been a hectic few days! e – full report and fabulous pics coming next weekend…

I also only landed back from France on Friday morning – why did I ever think a 3.30am Ryan Air flight was a good idea?? – and spent the day in a haze and then scooted off to the retreat. Have had old friends from the other side of the world visiting for lunch today (so fun) – so my proper newsletter will be coming tomorrow morning, Monday.

It will be a good one – I have interviewed Baroness Martha Lane Fox for the Telegraph today; she was brilliant about Men Behaving Badly – Boris, Elon Musk (particularly Elon Musk who she worked with on the Twitter Board and can’t stand…) and the scandal at the CBI (an omni shambles of present and past allegations of sexual misconduct, including rape). I’m going to share my original version with you here on Substack tomorrow…along with some broader thoughts on the whole topic…  I think Martha is not only a fabulous Queenager with rare compassion born from spending every day in constant pain, but also something of a national treasure and what she says is important. I know most of you can’t get through the Telegraph paywall, and after 24 hours I can share it all with you here free. So that’s what I am going to do but with important differences (different headlines and my commentary reinstated). The joy of substack is that you get me unfiltered.. So look out for it tomorrow.

I also want to announce our next Noon Book Club – the book is The Garnett Girls, a brilliant summer read about sisters and families and the fall-out from divorce and 70s hedonistic parents. It packs an emotional punch and is set on the Isle of Wight with gorgeous beaches and long summer days, a great one for the sun lounger on your summer break. The author Georgina Moore is an old pal of mine from media days, in her former life she was a top book publicist but she is a poacher turned gamekeeper and writes beautifully. The book club is free for everyone, will be at 7pm on September 4th on Zoom. Click here to register.

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The next Noon Circle – for Paid Subscribers only – is on July 18th at the Soho Flat (details below the paywall below) we’ll be talking about divorce with fabulous divorce coach Sally Jackson and being joined by Zoom by Sandra Davis, Partner at Mishcon de Reya, one of the top divorce lawyers in the world, who was the person Princess Diana turned to when she left our current King, and also helped Jerry Hall with her divorce. Sandra has just joined our Noon Advisory Board, and her 30 years in the business has made her super wise about what to expect if this is something you are considering – this is a money-can’t-buy chance to hear her and ask her your questions.

So stay tuned for the newsletter tomorrow and if you are a supporter of what we are doing at – trying to help Queenagers into a new chapter and provide a new story about our lives at this point and all we can do and be – then do think about subscribing to support our work, this newsletter and all the content on the Noon website.

Lots of love



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If you are a new Paid Subscriber, welcome – the Noon Circle is on July 18th at 7pm at Flat 1, 7th Floor, Stirling Court, Marshall Street (opposite number 50) Soho London W1F9BD. See you then! xxx Eleanor

By Eleanor Mills

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