The Noon Menopause Journals

Noon are delighted to announce that we partnering with LYMA to bring you a very special Menopause Journal. We know that this massive transition is something that many of you on Noon are going through and that our culture is often distinctly lacking in trustworthy information. Noon has the answers you need. (This package is sponsored by LYMA.) You’ll find:

  • Personal stories of menopause
  • Bi-monthly digital events and talks
  • Insight into the LYMA Supplement and how it can help with the menopause

Our first Menopause Journal: Christina Ioannidis

Transformation coach, author and influencer Christina Ioannidis has written a searingly honest account of her own descent into menopause, which was made even tricker by the claustrophobic effect of lockdown and the illness of her mother. A capable, super-confident women, her mental and physical health went haywire as she went into perimenopause. Despite seeking help, she found the right solutions hard to come by. We hope her story will help you avoid these pitfalls. But as we all know, in midlife troubles come in multiples – health, bereavement, caring issues, relationships, careers – none of it is easy.

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Knowledge and advice you can trust

The idea of the Menopause Journal and our partnership with LYMA is to bring you expert knowledge that you can trust.

Join us for frank conversations about menopause you’ve been waiting for.

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Join our Noon Digital Events

We’re hosting a series of Noon digital events throughout the year. Here we will discuss menopause and all its facets with a selection of Noon and LYMA experts.

July 15: We begin with a discussion about what help is out there, what supplements can do to aid you on the journey and to explore Christina Ioannides’s story with Lucy Goff, who founded LYMA.

LYMA: The ultimate supplement #sponsored

LYMA has been called the ‘the new standard in supplements’ (Grazia) and ‘miracle pills’ (Vogue). Learn what the fuss is about.

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