The Friday Five: Hydrating, smoothing, radiance-giving products

Beauty Director Beatrice Aidin reveals products for sensitive skin, to highlight, calm skin and more.

Beatrice AidinThis week, Noon’s Beauty Director Beatrice Aidin has issues with her skin as angry as Sean Penn on a good day, sweaty eyelids, a genius lipstick for ultra-sensitive skin, highlights her cheekbones and champions an Irish makeup brand giving the establishment a run for its money. Scroll down for radiance beauty products and more.

1. Juni Luxury Hydrating Lipstick, £38

Juni Luxury Hydrating Lipstick

It’s a running joke among my fellow beauty hacks. A press release comes through explaining how a “mumtrepreneur” (ghastly expression) cured her daughter’s acne/son’s psoriasis/husband’s eczema by mixing up, oh let’s say, pesto, egg, honey and maybe some malt vinegar in her kitchen. Because, of course, “there was nothing else out there”.

However there are real niche problems that do merit some attention. I was lucky enough this week to speak to Madeleine White, the founder of Juni. The 31-year-old former model told me: “My extremely sensitive skin makes me come out with an autoimmune reaction to makeup that causes bleeding red skin, even resulting in migraines.” Now that is a problem, especially for someone whose face is routinely plastered in makeup as part of her job.

She resolved to create a lipstick range with a difference, one that could be used by most women without any unpleasant reactions. Having looked around the world, she found a chemist in Norwich, her hometown. Madeleine also put a lot of thought into the packaging. “I spoke to several universities about the most sustainable material to use, as I didn’t want plastic involved at all, and they suggested aluminium. It’s infinitely recyclable and doesn’t lose its integrity or change its strength,” she says.

Juni is the product of 14 years of research and was launched in April 2020 with four colours. Whether you have very sensitive skin or not, this is a great lipstick. But for those with allergies, it’s an essential. It would make a most excellent present for  a loved one who has similar issues. And of course, the case can be returned for a discounted replacement.

2. Bare Minerals Prime Time Eye-Lid Primer, £18, 

Bare Minerals Primer Time Eyelid Primer

As I turbo-charge into my 50s, I have found that my eyelids do get a wee bit oily. After extensive research (OK, I asked my friends), I found out I’m not alone. Eyeshadow and liner tend to disappear or smudge, mostly both. It’s annoying, but also a waste of good products. That’s why I’m all over Bare Minerals Prime Time Eye-Lid Primer and it’s all over my eyelids. It absorbs excess oil, preventing creasing and that gooey look (a technical term), making my makeup last a whole lot longer.

3. Sculpted by Aimee Connelly, The Complete  Cover-Up Concealer, £15, The Full Face Edit in Radiance, £32

Sculpted by Aimee Connelly, The Complete  Cover-Up Concealer

Aimee Connelly is one bright spark in beauty who I predict will soon be as recognisable as fellow makeup artists Pat McGrath and Bobbi Brown and — I don’t want to jinx it — even Charlotte Tilbury?

She graduated from University College Dublin with a degree in international commerce and French and founded Sculpted by Aimee Connolly, her colour cosmetics brand, in 2016 with just two products but now has a range of over fifty.

Now, where to start? The Complete Cover-Up Concealer (£15) blends like a dream, but I would not be without The Full Face Edit in Radiance, a palette that covers your eyeshadow, bronzer, highlighter, and a blusher that can also be used as a lippy (£32). Easy peasy to use and I take mine wherever I roam. It’s great value and long-lasting. If you like la Tilbury, give this a go, it’s better.

4. Watt’s Up! Cream Highlighter, £27.50 

Watts Up Cream Highlighter

Benefit is a brilliant brand, and yes, I do love a bit of alliteration and playful product names. (I still miss Aruba in a Tuba, a fake tan now quite rightly discontinued due to its orange hue, but what a name.) Anyway, highlighter is not something to be ignored in midlife and I rather love Watts Up! Cream Highlighter. It blends perfectly, and used sparingly on the cheekbones and just below the eyebrows, gives a flattering lift with a subtle shine and that all-elusive glow.

5. Dermatology M Nourishing Cream Zi Cao Shui Gao,  £42 

Dermatology M Nourishing Cream Zi Cao Shui Gao

Yes, even beauty directors have bad skin days. I tried a home peel product that was a touch too strong, leaving my skin looking as angry as Sean Penn on a good day. So I reached for Dermatology M Nourishing Cream Zi Cao Shui Gao, created by Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor Mazin Al-Khafaji. It has become a real skin saviour. Move over hydrocortisone — I’ve applied it four times today and my bolshie skin has calmed down, with the redness and roughness all but gone. It’s gentle and very effective.


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