The Friday Five: Best hair conditioner for older women

Hair in midlife can change, thin or need extra care. Our Beauty Director shares her top picks for women.

Beatrice AidinNoon’s Beauty Director Beatrice Aidin wants you to have a good hair day and has been frantically washing her hair and throwing on the conditioner with gay abandon. We now present her pick of 5 best hair conditioners for older women to get your barnet beautiful and in tip-top condition.

Conditioner for damaged and overprocessed hair

Aveda Botanical Repair Strengthening Conditioner, £29.50

A newby to Aveda, and thus my shower, this is just the ticket for deep repair of my overprocessed ‘locks’ (a word so very Daily Mail I’m a bit shocked as I typed it. I promise, no references ‘side-boob’ or ‘Peter Andre’s manhood’ will follow). The plant-derived delicious smelling conditioner is turbo-powered by a triumvirate of superfoods, avocado, green tea and sacha inchi – cue frantic Google search – ah, yes, of course, a fruit cultivated for its seed native to South America.  This wonder-stuff gets down into the hair cortex — repairing, strengthening and smoothing, and it’s a brilliantly quick detangler on application.

Best conditioner for coloured, splitting hair

Virtue Recovery Conditioner, £40,

Virtue hair conditionerI love Adir Abergel (@hairbyadir) I really do; The Wall Street Journal deemed him the “hitmaker of Hollywood hairdos”. He really has the Vidal touch and is as charming and fun as Mr Sassoon himself (who once phoned me in the hairdressers, oddly enough). Anyhooo, Adir travels the world working with Anne Hathaway, Kristin Stewart, Charlize Theron and Jennifer Garner (who I would like to be my best friend). Adir is the creative director of haircare brand Virtue. This is significant as he has the pick of brands to work with, but he chose Virtue because it is different and a real game-changer. By using real keratin from haircuts, the formulations have these awesome clinical results – 95% split end repair, 86% reduction in breakage, 64% in gloss and — wowzer get this one — 138% increase in colour vibrancy. Also, my best friend Jen G has invested in it and she’s a smart cookie.  Love ya’ Jenny!

The best conditioner for curls and curly gorgeousness

Holy Curls Conditioner, £21,


Holy Curls creator and her conditioner

Badria Ahmed and her conditioner for curls

Mission statements can be so naff, but Holy Curls’ I love – ‘undoing the myths of the curl, untwirling it and showing the curl for what it truly is.’ This brand has got a great story behind it as well. The founder Badria Ahmed says, “My mother was raising five children in Sweden, three of us girls, who all had different textures of Afro hair and she would straighten it with chemical relaxers.” Somalian born, now London resident following her childhood in Sweden, Badria moved to Australia where she couldn’t find relaxers, leaving her hair alone in its curly glory. “It looked beautiful but there weren’t products on the market to look after it,” she says. So she whipped up her own range. The result is Holy Curls, now stocked in Liberty – a beauty entrepreneurs dream. My tester reported that told the conditioner really penetrates with moisture, releases tension and absorbs lickity-spit. The reviews online speak for themselves.

Best conditioner (or two) for thinning hair

John Masters Organics Conditioner for Fine Hair with Rosemary & Peppermint,£24,

John Williams Conditioner rosemary and peppermintWhen Noon held a discussion about hair loss and thinning it spoke to many, clearly, given the number of people who joined, and the questions asked. One issue for thinning hair is that you don’t want conditioner to sit heavy on the head, dragging it down. The weightless John Masters Organics Conditioner with Rosemary and Peppermint is ideal – it will volumise the hair and strengthen it. It also has a slight tingle, and is a revitalising way to start the day, to stimulate the scalp, ergo, hair regrowth.

Centred Daily Calmer Conditioner, £22

Centred Calma ConditionerAccording to haircare brand Centred, thinning hair is on the rise, with 40% of women showing visible hair loss by the time they reach 40. Laura Tudor is the co-founder along with her husband – conveniently she’s married to top award-winning hairdresser Kieran Tudor. They met at school, bless. She was a very stressed out milliner and vegan, a combination I never thought I would write, to which she attributes her hair falling out. Centred was born and the Daily Calmer Conditioner is rich in amino acids to encourage growth and aloe vera to sooth. Do take a look as well at the supplement called Tender Love and Hair to boost immunity and support the immune system — for a healthy scalp to grow healthy hair. I’m happy to report that both the Ms Tudor’s hair is now thick, lush and healthy.

Watch the Noon panel discuss hair loss and what to do about it


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