The Friday Five: Ambitious products for lazy people

Beauty Director Beatrice Aidin chooses 5 great products that achieve maximum results with minimum effort.

It was Barbra Streisand’s 80th birthday this week and it made me recall that she once described herself as “ambitious” but “lazy” which made me smile. One really wouldn’t imagine her to be the latter, after all she is, to this day, the only person to win – in 1977 – Oscars for both acting and songwriting. But at 80 and working, she is a prime example of a woman who has fought ageism, sexism and more and she’s still standing and having fun. A true NOON icon.

1. Dry shampoo that works

Living Proof Perfect hair Day™ Advanced Clean Dry ShampooOn the subject of an ambitious product for the lazy – and time poor – I present to you a dry shampoo that washes your hair. Yeah, right say Noon readers. But hear me out. Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Advanced Clean Dry Shampoo actually cleans hair, it doesn’t just soak up dirt, sweat and pollution, it actually, again, cleans it. If you want to find out why and how I direct you to the Living Proof website  but what I am always asked is never mind the technology – in this case from MIT no less – but does it work? A resounding yes. All you do is spray it on your roots, leave it for 30 seconds, shake it out and brush giving your hair a fresh start.

Now I am not that lazy — although I’ve yet to get that Oscar for singing along to Funny Girl on my sofa — but I have ambitions for my hair. And I don’t want to wash my hair everyday because it is time consuming and if you have your hair coloured, the colour tends to fade. And if you are splashing out on expensive shampoo et al, this is a brilliant way to let a good day of hair last 48 hours longer. Saving time and money — now isn’t that all that we need right now? £23 

2. Great affordable mascara

e.l.f. Cosmetics Big Mood MascaraNow this is a debate not exactly up there for the Oxford Union, but important nonetheless: What would you rather be without, foundation, lipstick or mascara? Personally it is the latter for me. You can always pinch your lips and cheeks for a rush of colour but a  good mascara darkens, lifts, lengthtens the lashes and gives the appearance of opening up my (rather too often) tired eyes, taking attention away from dull skin.

These days for obvious reasons — see your gas bill, my friends — I’m often asked about the best affordable mascara and in my eyes (aha!) —  e.l.f. Cosmetics Big Mood Mascara is the one. Now the brush is not dainty, it’s rather large with 250 intertwined bristles. But if you want statement eye-lashes, it loads up with colour, curls and is infused with jojoba oil to nourish and avoid that ghastly flaky debris. More than that it is just £7, so well worth a whirl — and for the curious, e.l.f. is the acronym for eyes, lips, face — indeed the whole range is worth exploring for quality at very good prices. e.l.f. Cosmetics Big Mood Mascara £7

3. An easy makeup bag update: SENSAI lipstick

SENSAI contouring lipstickWhen Eleanor Mills, who as you know is the founder and editor-in-chief of Noon, let me loose on her makeup bag, I discovered a lipstick which was a few decades old and was, I suspect, growing all sorts of foreign substances. Despite a fair bit of begging — on her behalf — I took authority as Noon Beauty Director and chucked it into the bin.

See, it wasn’t just the condition of this ‘vintage’ lipstick I objected too. The colour was a too sharp; very orange-red and for midlife I wanted to go a bit less bling. I suggested Eleanor tried SENSAI Contouring Lipstick  in CLO5 Soft Red, which is a more subtle shade and it makes her eyes ‘pop’ as Bobbi Brown once said to (it’s a  good thing). But also softens the lips and manages to contour at the same time. A surefire miracle — similar to how I didn’t get fired on the spot after throwing the contents of my boss’s makeup bag in the bin. Eleanor loves it, it suits her perfectly, I’m still employed — so win-win. (Editor’s note: it is a game changer, I love it, makes my eyes really green and is soft and unsticky to wear.) SENSAI Contouring Lipstick  in CLO5 Soft Red £11 lipstick holder, £27 lipstick and refills

4. A moisturising 2-in-1 makeup remover and cleanser

Katherine Daniels Miracle Cleansing JellyAt Noon we are in the midst of a crush on Katherine Daniels skincare. It’s a brilliant range, particularly if you are a bit clueless at skincare because the products are in four easy steps and numbered so you know in which order to use them. But more to the point they are highly effective. Katherine Daniels Miracle Cleansing Jelly transforms from a gel into an oil texture and then with a splash of water, a cleansing milk, removing makeup including waterproof mascara and long wear foundation. It is a real 2-in-1 makeup remover and face cleanser and leaves your skin soft and supple. Katherine Daniels also offer free 20 minute Zoom consultations which I would highly recommend as well, I talked to the no-nonsense co-founder and skin-wizard Donna who changed my dry rough skin — okay I had been remiss during lockdown — with the products she chose. It worked miracles for Eleanor’s dry, sensitive skin too – she is also a convert. Katherine Daniels Miracle Cleansing Jelly £29 

5. An extra step that protects your face 

Guerlain Parure Gold Mist Setting MistIt’s getting warmer, instead of just focusing more on skincare over the various lockdowns, makeup is firmly back on our faces. Now excuse me for introducing an extra step in your morning routine but hear me out: if you want your makeup to stay put, invest in a good setting spray. The one I am very keen on is Guerlain Parure Gold Mist Setting Mist, which hydrates and smooths the skin while setting make-up in place. See, my reasoning is that giving this a spray before you set out the door — it also protects against damage from pollution — or a night on the town, make-up will last longer and therefore fewer touch ups and hence, it makes it cost effective. Guerlain Parure Gold Mist Setting Mist  £34,


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