The company: Wealth for Women with Mary Waring

What it offers

This award-winning company offers one-to-one financial support to help transform your relationship with money and take control of your financial future.

The services

Mary specialises in women going through divorce, especially those who haven’t been responsible for the finances during their marriage. She support clients through this particularly challenging time and in need of trustworthy expertise and guidance. 

Mary works through a planned methodology over 12 sessions looking at your relationship with money, your relationship with yourself and your relationship with your future. 

Based on that, she helps to build a financial plan that’s exciting, supportive and achievable so that  you have a roadmap for your financial future.

The woman behind it

Seeing her mother stuck in a deeply unhappy marriage because she had no money to support herself and three children if she left her abusive husband, Mary learnt from an early age that money gives you freedom. 

Her focus is to create a world where women take control of their money, rather than money taking control of them. Where women understand the options available to them based on their financial situation and know how to improve their future.

Why we love it

Mary’s passion for helping women to improve their financial confidence and self-worth, particularly at a time when they are at an emotional low-ebb really helps them transform their relationship with money.

Find out more about Mary and the services she offers here

Email her for an initial confidential, no obligation call to discuss your needs and whether you and her are a good fit to work together.  

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