The company: Tania Mechlenborg - Career Coaching

What it offers

One-to-one developmental coaching support for individuals looking to transition their career or refocus their work-life balance. 

The services

Do you feel stuck in a job you no longer enjoy? You want to change but are finding it overwhelming because you don’t know where to start or what to do instead? Tania offers a structured developmental career change coaching process, specifically designed to help you get clarity on what your ideal career path would be. You’ll explore your values, strengths, professional and personal skills, aspirations, and objectives, as well as work preferences, leaving you with a clearer vision of the career path that is right for you, and a concrete action plan to help you make it happen.

The woman behind it

Tania is an EMCC accredited coach and facilitator with extensive experience coaching a wide range of individuals, particularly women of all ages. She has a deep understanding of how to work effectively with people looking for a career that inspires and motivates them through joint exploration in a safe and supportive space.

Why we love it

Tania is a friendly, easy-going coach with an informal, yet professional, approach. She works really well with clients who are serious about making changes to their careers, and who are ready to make the most of the coaching process. 

As you can read from testimonials from her previous clients, Tania’s coaching process has helped a diverse array of people to develop clarity, confidence, and ultimately sustainable change. 

To learn more, and to book your free Introductory Discovery Session, visit Tania’s website or email her:

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