The company: Cool Embrace

What it offers

Cool Embrace make cooling bedding that helps alleviate night sweats and keeps you cool as you sleep without the use of chemicals or synthetic coatings. Invented and manufactured in the UK the range of blankets and pillowcases are unlike anything else currently available on the market.

The products

Cool Embrace works using unique, patented layers of our ‘magic fabric’ that make up the inside of our bedding. These special layers both dissipate the heat away from the body and evaporate the moisture that builds up on the skin before sweating occurs.

There are several products available to choose from with the Cool Embrace range with the blankets in 3 sizes: Single, Double and King as well as 100% cotton range. Both the premium and deluxe range have a pillowcase option available to match the cooling blankets. We have also recently added a silk pillowcase to the Cool Embrace range which along with offering the anti sweat relief of Cool Embrace also helps to keep your skin and hair smooth while you sleep.

The people behind it

When Lisa Rawlings, suffered from early onset menopause due to a brain tumour, two of her symptoms were night sweats and overheating.

Her husband, Stephen had spent time working with specialist fabrics combating temperature fluctuations for the aerospace and defence industries.

He applied his knowledge to creating a fabric that effectively dissipates heat and dramatically increases the evaporation of moisture. They made it into a blanket and the first time they used it, they both enjoyed their first good sleep after months of restless and sleepless nights. Lisa was determined this needed to be shared with the world to help menopausal women and anyone who suffers with overheating.

Why we love it

The Cool Embrace blanket is really a game-changer. There is nothing worse than lying in bed in sheets that are soggy from sweating and then waking up freezing. The technology in this blanket keeps you cool when you are feeling flushed, but doesn’t get wet with sweat, so you don’t get cold. It really helps you sleep better. It’s a chic colour, feels comfortable on the skin and will be a salvation on bad nights’

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