The company: Authenticity Coaching by Claire

What it offers

One-to-one coaching for midlife women who are experiencing an inner awakening and calling back to themselves, after years spent in devotion to others.

The Services

Claire’s clients are often seeking greater self-awareness, self-connection, clarity and confidence and she supports, inspires and empowers them as they rediscover themselves at this transformational stage of life to embrace their new chapter with positivity, passion and potential.

One-hour coaching sessions are available as a one-off, or in packages starting with a complimentary questionnaire and no-obligation 30-minute discovery call. Sessions take place in-person or over Zoom.

She offers free resources, such as her complimentary 40-page self-discovery workbook downloadable on her website (see below) and her monthly love letter Wild Whispers.

The Woman Behind It

After reaching a crossroads in her own life and career, juggling motherhood and increasingly independent children, with a toxic work environment which no longer aligned with her values, Claire faced what she calls her ‘inner-awakening’, and decided to train to become a qualified coach in order to support women with some or all of these issues.

Why we love it

Claire takes a holistic approach to wellbeing for heart, mind, body and soul, drawing on theory and techniques from CBT, REBT and Positive Psychology. 

For details of all Claire’s services visit her website email her at or find her on Facebook and Instagram @TheAllThingsSelfCoach

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