The company: Tabitha James Kraan

What it offers

Certified organic, luxury hair care products for both women and men that are vegan, cruelty-free and made in the UK

An eco-luxe hairdressing salon in the Cotswolds.

The products

A specially, and carefully, formulated, award-winning product range, which includes collections for fair and dark hair and starter sets, that is as kind to your hair as it is to the planet. 

The woman behind it

Unsurprisingly, that’s Tabitha James-Kraan, a hairdresser since 1993 whose conversion to organic products and methods was triggered during her pregnancy with her first child and her realisation that whatever she was putting in and on her body, was being passed on to her unborn baby.

Why we love it

Not only is Tabitha responsible for keeping Noon founder, Eleanor’s wildly curly hair looking positively fabulous, her products are good for your hair and free from potentially harmful chemicals. She’s also passionate about helping people understand how to best care for their hair through the informative blogs and videos she posts on the TJK website. Her passion for creating products that are sustainable, responsible (because of their quality you need to use less of them) and help your hair to be, and stay, in the best condition possible (like Eleanor’s) shines through everything she does and the products she has created.

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