Fun, joy, pleasure – Noon ladies deserve all three…

“I have loved lockdown; every afternoon I have gone round to my girlfriend’s house for sex. It’s been incredible.”

“My husband left me, and his best friend and wife asked me for a threesome!”

“I’ve been having the best sex of my life – I feel lit up, alive. It’s never been so good…”

“Eleanor, I feel more alive than I ever have – who knew I was supposed to be with a woman not a man? I feel like I have just woken up sexually after a life time of not getting it.”

Eleanor Mills portrait pictureOur culture is saturated with the idea that sex is only for the young – but all of these statements were made to me over the last couple of weeks by fiftysomethings. Women get a surge of hormones at midlife which can make them feel sexier than they ever have. It’s such a phenomenon that doctors call it ‘the 49-er’ – the age when women are most likely to have an affair!

Midlife sex for women

Even without the physical surge, in midlife many women feel more confident about their erotic likes and dislikes and aren’t afraid to say so. On Noon, we’re exploring a range of ways midlife sex is amazing.

We can forget what we ‘should’ do

Of course there is no ‘should’ about any of this. We’re all grown up enough to do it or not do it, with whomsoever and in whatever way we fancy. And we know some of you may be in a fallow period – we’ve got some tips coming for that too. Here at Noon we’re talking about all aspects of women’s lives.

We’re all grown up enough to do it or not do it, with whomsoever and in whatever way we fancy.

So we’d love to know which pictures of yourselves — or what parts of your body — you love, and we’ll be doing a poll on all of this later in the week. But most of all we think it is important to make it clear that older women deserve fun, pleasure, joy – all the good stuff. And that includes sex. The kids may rather not think about it, but that doesn’t mean to say we shouldn’t. Sex is going to be an important part of this site. We’d like to hear your stories and find out what you’d like to see more of.

–Eleanor, Noon founder

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