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Women and Wealth with Baroness Helena Morrissey

Lay out a viable strategy for your financial future and have a one-to-one financial makeover.

It’s time to take control of your finances to live the life you want. Create your own financial strategy with guidance from Baroness Helena Morrissey, financier and campaigner.

Why you need a financial plan

For many of us, getting round to dealing with our financial future is difficult. We can find our finances a bit like our tax returns: dreary and terrifying simultaneously.

Yet in 2019 women over 40 started out-earning women in their 20s and 30s for the first time. While advertisers might only think we buy wrinkle cream and incontinence pants (the only things we at Noon ever get targeted by on TV), the truth is that women over 45 are responsible for 89% of consumer purchases.

We’ve built up savings and assets, and want to know what to do with them to make the best decisions for ourselves, our families, our retirement and our future.

Create a financial strategy that works

This Noon women and wealth event will put you in charge of your finances. Our amazing advisory board member Helena Morrissey will explain everything you need to know and lay out a strategy for your financial future. Have a one-to-one financial makeover with one of our experts.

Be well-informed about the options and know your future is in the safest possible hands. Yours – but clued up.

Register your interest for this retreat HERE. Find out about dates and prices or email us at to discuss

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