Noon Reboot Retreat May 2022 Schedule

The Noon Reboot Retreat provides a unique experience where you can transform with like-minded women and start the new phase of your life.

The Noon Reboot Retreat is an opportunity for deep transformation — a chance to step back from the normal hurly-burly of your life and reflect both on what got you to where you are now and what it is that you want to do next. Here, in a personal letter, Noon founder Eleanor Mills reveals what you can expect when you book onto this one-of-a-kind retreat.

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What’s the Noon Reboot Retreat like? Eleanor tells us:

At our Noon Reboot Retreat we explore what is blocking us from reaching for our dreams — and shed some of the lack and sadness which are often the culprit. “This retreat changed my life” was a common refrain from the women who came to the October 2021 retreat. And we have been delighted that so many of them have stayed in touch, creating a new tribe for themselves and true and firm friendships. Often to move into a new chapter we need new people, those who are not so invested in us as we used to be.

“This retreat changed my life” was a common refrain from the women who came to the October 2021 retreat.

So what does this week of transformation look like? Well, it is certainly indulgent – staying at Broughton Hall is like becoming the mistress of a stately home. We chill after supper in the library, eat in the dining room, sleep in the bedrooms and imbibe of the atmosphere and energy of this 3000-acre estate in the gorgeous Yorkshire Dales.

The food, spa and leisure time at the Noon Reboot Retreat

There is delicious plant-based food made by a top chef, two hours every day to steam, swim, hang out and luxuriate in one of the world’s most beautiful state-of-the art spas and a unique opportunity to treat this glorious house as your own. (We give you plenty of time for journaling and kicking back in front of one of the many fires or strolling round the glorious gardens).

Every morning we will kick off with an activity, such as forest bathing, walking the labyrinth, swimming in the tarn and warming up in the wood-fired sauna, or stretching our minds and bodies with yin yoga and a crystal bowls gong bath. Then after a delicious lunch there is an afternoon workshop facilitated by experts from our Noon Advisory board and team. May 3-6 we will be joined by Lisa Unwin, careers and life expert, LinkedIn voice, author of She’s Back and founder of the Reignite Academy who will be on-hand for everything you need to find your new chapter. The forest bathing, swimming and fire-temple fun will be run by Liz Dawes, the Forest Guru, a former city solicitor who quit the rat race to teach the ancient Japanese art of tree meditation and mindfulness. Workshops are led by Noon Founder Eleanor Mills who brings her own enthusiasm and experience of massive transition to the week – she knows how hard change can be but also the huge joy that comes from a reboot in midlife.

Also with us for this special week will be Amelia Troubridge, legendary portrait photographer and Noon advisory board member, who will be sharing her own journey and taking pictures of the group.

Noon Beauty Director Beatrice Aidin will also go through your make-up bag and update your products and give you a one-to-one tutorial on skin care and the best make up tips for midlife. And to tempt you even more, there will be goodie bags

Scroll down for the schedule of what you can expect to enjoy and experience over four relaxing, indulgent, reflective days (October 11th-14th) at the incomparable Broughton Hall Spa, The Sanctuary.

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Tuesday, May 3

  • 12pm, Arrive at Broughton Hall: Settle into your room inside the stately home. Enjoy Lunch made by Broughton’s acclaimed plant-based chef. Welcome speech by Noon Founder Eleanor Mills – this is the age of opportunity, we’re not going quietly into that good night!
  • 2.30pm, Avalon Sanctuary: Meet in the main studio of this purpose-built spa in a glass room overlooking the gardens. Get to know each other and speak about the schedule.
  • 3.15pm, Forest Bathing: Bring your wellies, a waterproof and sweater and get ready to feel like a kid again
  • 6 pm, Spa Time: Jacuzzi, steam bath, swim, sauna all in the Fibonacci-inspired world-class facilities
  • 7.30pm, Supper in the Dining Room at Broughton Hall
  • 8.30pm, The Red Drawing Room — Noon Speaks: In conversation with Amelia Troubridge, photographer to the stars, on her midlife journey

Wednesday May 4th

  • 8-9 am, Breakfast
  • 9am, Walking the labyrinth – a moving meditation, named by some attendees as one of their favourite activities
  • 11am, Avalon Studio: ‘Exploring the Inner Landscape’: movement, relaxation and sound. A very special workshop with Paris Ackrill, director and cofounder of the Avalon Spa, involving melodic crystal, stretching and deep peace
  • 1pm, Lunch at Broughton Hall
  • 2pm, Avalon Studio: Change is difficult. Eleanor Mills and Life coach and transformation expert Liz Dawes talk about their own Noontime, the dark days that can accompany transformation, but how the process of stripping back and changing lanes (though painful and terrifying at times) can bring new joy. We look at what might be holding us back and what we might want to leave behind
  • 5pm, Spa time
  • 7.30pm, Supper in the Dining Room at Broughton Hall
  • 8.30pm, Fire Temple: The Fire Ceremony – burn all the things you want to leave behind in your life on the bonfire – a very special evening!

Thursday 4th May

  • 8-9am, Breakfast
  • 9.30am, Avalon Studios: Working out our next chapter – becoming the women we are supposed to be
  • 1pm, Lunch at Broughton Hall
  • 2pm, Avalon Studios: More exercises to help determine our next chapter, followed by…
  • Noon Speaks: Beatrice Aidin, Noon Beauty Director talks about feeling good in the skin you are in. This includes an exercise, skin, nutrition, a make-up lesson: Everything you need inside and out to look and feel your best. Bring your makeup bag to get an expert opinion on what’s working for you and what you might like to add.
  • 5pm, Spa time.
  • 7.30pm, Supper in the Dining Room at Broughton Hall
  • Post supper session — Noon Speaks: Lisa Unwin was a successful management consultant until suddenly…she wasn’t. She looked around her at the school gate at all the women who had left their jobs and decided to set up She’s Back to help them get back on track. An inspirational talk about becoming the women we are supposed to be in midlife. Walking proof of our Noon motto: So Much More to Come

Friday, May 6th

  • 8-9 am, Breakfast
  • 9:30-11:30am, Wild swimming. Eleanor and Liz Dawes lead a wild swimming expedition to the lake on the dale. Those who aren’t crackers, can come for a lovely walk up the Tor to the stone circle and laugh as we shiver in the bracing water. (Best ever swimming-spot-with-a-view!) We finish with a wood-fired sauna and a sense of exhilaration
  • 12.30 pm, Lunch in Broughton Hall
  • 1.30pm, Depart

* Please note: This is the expected itinerary and can change at the discretion of the organisers.

What you’ll need: A kit list for participants

What do you wear to transform your life? You’ll definitely want to pack these items:

  • A swimming costume
  • Waterproof boots or wellies
  • Waterproof and warm coat
  • Comfortable casual clothes
  • Yoga kit – leggings and a top.

Broughton Hall is very casual, so bring clothes you feel easy in. We are intending to be outside, so weather-proof kit is a must!

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