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At Noon we have regular online and real-world events, with advice and insight from some of the most compelling women in the world about midlife. Join us!

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29 June – 3 July 2021: The Noon Retreat with Susannah Constantine

Join Noon and Susannah Constantine for a restorative luxurious retreat focusing on mindfulness, positive routines and addresses drinking habits in a way that will change your life!
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Susannah spoke with Noon on IGTV and gave a preview of what she’s going to exclusively share on the Noon Retreat. Watch it now!


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Past Events

Raynor Winn portrait by Adrian Sherratt

  • Raynor Winn talks about transformation in midlife
  • Thursday 18 March 2021
  • 12:00 on Noon IGTV

Join Noon Founder Eleanor Mills and Raynor Winn, bestselling author of The Salt Path as they talk about the transformation and transition that is possible in midlife. Winn lost her home in a lawsuit and her beloved husband Moth was pronounced terminally ill. Homeless and facing a bleak future, they set off to walk the South West Coast path. As they struggled up and down cliffs, camped next to the path and swum in the raging Atlantic seas, they found not just solace but healing. Raynor Winn is a Noon Icon and is living proof that we can all have an astounding next act.

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Do you need to get away and reassess your drinking habits?

Join Noon and Susanna Constantine for a restorative luxurious retreat focusing on drinking habits, mindfulness and positive routines that will change your life!

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Women and Wealth with Baroness Helena Morrissey

Lay out a viable strategy for your financial future and have a one-to-one financial makeover.

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Dealing with a Teen in Trouble

Our four-day retreat will give you the respite you need to be the patient and loving parent your child requires.

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