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Dealing with a Teen in Trouble

Our four-day retreat will give you the respite you need to be the patient and loving parent your child requires.

Discover techniques, get support and learn how to help your teen in trouble.

Lockdown has wrought havoc on the mental health of adolescents. There has been a four-fold increase in eating disorders in the last year and a disturbing increase in self-harming.

At Noon we understand all too well the burden coping with an unwell teenager places on the parents, particularly the mother. You feel worried, frustrated, sometimes terrified, often guilty and also incredibly sad. It’s also monotonous and exhausting – particularly over the last year when families have been so thrown back upon their own resources and external help and intervention has been hard to come by.

Our four-day retreat will give you the respite you need to be the loving, caring, patient parent your child requires.

Walk in the Dales, lounge in the spa, have a massage, do some meditative yoga. But most of all spend time talking to other women in a similar situation who understand how tough it is.

About the Dealing with a Teen in Trouble retreat

Every day there will be expert-led groups where women can share their stories confidentially and be entirely supported. For the first time since your child’s illness or challenges have begun, we’ll take the stress off your shoulders and ask ‘How are you doing?’

Share your fears and heartache, learn new coping strategies, form bonds with a group of other women who really get it. We know how lonely it can be.

Learn in a beautiful restorative space

But above all, have a rest, a holiday. Relax in a real-life Downton setting and have the run of the estate and spa. Have a laugh and forget your troubles.

At Noon we believe older women deserve all the good stuff – fun, joy pleasure. Noon: There’s So Much More to Come. Join us.

To register your interest in this retreat and find out more about dates and prices, email us at hello@inherspace.co.uk. 

We are an inclusive community and offer reduced rates for those on benefits or in straightened circumstances. Get in touch if you’d like more information.

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