Our Queenager Christmas Survival Guide

As you plunge into your Christmas celebrations, here are our tried and tested top tips for surviving the festive season. Happy Christmas from all of us at Noon!

Don’t try and fix what can’t be fixed. Focus on what you can enjoy and stop trying to please everyone.

Do what brings you joy, what you want to sustain or create, and what works for the people you love and are spending the time with. Turbot instead of turkey? Yes! Trifle instead of Christmas pud? Absolutely!

Remember it’s not just OK, but necessary, to say no when you need to. And to give yourself a big hug whenever you need – or deserve – one.

Eleanor Mills, Noon founder


Try to create at least one shared moment with the whole family – doing a jigsaw, a game all the family can join in, beer pong, a dog walk, decorating the tree,   -doesn’t matter what it is,  it’s the connections that are all important and give space for more meaningful conversations.

Jocelyn Cripps, Noon marketing advisor


Accept that change is inevitable. Don’t get too hung up on keeping everything the same no matter what.

Say yes to help. Don’t be a martyr. You don’t have to do everything yourself. Share the load.

There’s no such thing as perfection, except on a Christmas card. Thechaos is part of the fun if you relax about it.

Diane Kenwood, Noon Editorial Director


Christmas is ONE day keep that in mind when it comes to spending and don’t get carried away. Make a budget a stick to it. That way you don’t start the New Year in debt.

Setting boundaries is a must when it comes to dealing with difficult family members. Don’t allow them to trigger you or draw you out. Keeping answers polite and short is the only way to survive.

Enjoy the time off, so many of us spend Christmas running around and before you know it you are exhausted and the time has come to go back to work. Schedule time to rest, do something fun and joyful over the festive season.

Thelma Mensah, Noon Advisory Board member


Get my mum drunk by midday – then she’s asleep happily

Get me drunk by tea time, then I’m asleep happily

Have ZERO expectations for food presents, witty company, TV, then everything is a pleasant surprise.

Lucy Ryan, Noon Head of Consulting


Crown your calendar with clarity

Embrace the power of clear communication and planning. Discuss holiday plans openly with your teenagers, ensuring everyone’s voice is heard and that communication is transparent and respectful.

Rule Your Routine with Regality:

Whilst your routine may need to change look for opportunities to be together. Whether it’s decorating the tree, baking together, or a quiet movie night, so much can be shared by coming together online. Your regal routine becomes the anchor for your family, fostering a sense of normalcy and togetherness.

Sovereign Self-Care Sovereignty:

In the midst of holiday demands, prioritise your well-being. Crown yourself with moments of self-care – it could be a quiet walk, a favourite book, or connecting with supportive friends. By honouring your needs, you empower yourself to navigate the season with grace and resilience.

Sally Jackson, divorce coach and Noon contributor


Apart from gin, I would suggest long walks and a partner who cooks everything

Alison Graham, Noon picture editor


Keep it simple

Holidays are a time for loved ones. Say no to the rest

Squirrel away

Gather and store gift, food and entertainment ideas, starting in the fall. Lessen stress and distraction by filling the life cupboard and schedule by early December

Deliver ritual

Modern matriarchy means creating and/or passing on family traditions. Make it matter

Avivah Wittenberg-Cox, Noon Advisory Board member


Embrace a more sustainable Christmas,  with planet and people, front of mind. Opt for gifting experiences over material items, reducing the consumption of physical resources. Consider subscribing to charities or supporting initiatives that foster hope and well-being. When selecting gifts, carefully evaluate the materials used, and prioritise locally sourced products from independent businesses and farmers’ markets.

Karen Stenning, Noon chief Operating Officer

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