Noon Icon #3: Sister Bliss

The British keyboardist, producer, DJ and songwriter shows how to keeping rocking it through midlife

“I know that I can rock a crowd.”

The words of Sister Bliss are an inspiration to us all. The keyboardist, producer, songwriter and DJ is one of the most successful British dance music artists of the past 25 years. Born Ayalah Bentovim, she is the musical force behind Faithless along with the frontman Maxi Jazz (aka Maxwell Fraser) and Rollo, and their music has stood the test of time. (Listen to their latest album All Blessed.)

She’s gone from the underground UK club scene to sold out arena shows to headlining festivals globally. She’s one of Britain’s most iconic musicians and one of the most long-lasting female electronic artists in the world.

We love her attitude, her creativity that continues seeking new outlets and new challenges, demonstrating that midlife is not barrier, even in the youth-oriented music scene.

“Why should I go down quietly?”

Why indeed?

The Sister Bliss in Session podcast airs every week. You can subscribe via the button below for free. 
Listen to Sister Bliss in Session on Apple Podcasts
Faithless’ latest album All Blessed is out now on BMG. 

Access the Faithless All Blessed album on Spotify


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