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Making menopause more inclusive : The context and the challenges

The conversation around menopause is changing, but there are still too many inequalities in women’s care and treatment. Noon founder, Eleanor Mills, explains the issues we’ll be confronting in our new inclusive menopause series

The Queenager : Eleanor’s Letter (September 17th 2022)

Endings, empty nests, grieving and moving on

The Queenager : Eleanor’s Letter (September 10th 2022)

I really liked being an Elizabethan.

The Queenager : Eleanor’s Letter (September 5th 2022)

What meeting Gorbachev taught me; and that back to school feeling!

The Queenager : Eleanor’s Letter (August 28th 2022)

Psychedelics, holidays and changing YOUR mind!

The Queenager : Eleanor’s Letter (August 22nd 2022)

I’ve been going to the same festival with the same tribe for 17 years… it feels like home.


Eleanor’s Letter

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The Queenager : Eleanor’s Letter (August 14th 2022)

When the personal becomes political: the NHS crisis and other tales.

The Queenager : Eleanor’s Letter (August 7th 2022)

Holidays, downtime and facing our demons…

The Queenager: Eleanor’s Letter (July 31st 2022)

Should menopause, like pregnancy, be a protected characteristic at work? And why we need to change the story about the lives of older women.

The Queenager : Eleanor’s Letter (July 24th 2022)

Eleanor celebrated her wedding anniversary and many other exciting things this week.

The Queenager : Eleanor’s Letter (July 17th 2022)

We don’t have a sell-by date: we are in our prime.

The Queenager: Best Queenager Books (July 10th 2022)

All my favourite reads for summer – fiction, memoir, polemic. Enjoy!

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