The Queenager: Eleanor's Letter (November 26th 2023)

Hot off the press - our wonderful Noon gallery visit this morning and other tales

Our Queenager tour of Filling in the Pieces in Black with June Sarpong

Plenty more fish? 

What one Queenager learnt from swimming with sharks in the sea of midlife online dating

Why on earth is NICE recommending CBT as a menopause treatment?

Noon founder, Eleanor Mills, challenges the new NICE guidelines that CBT should be prescribed as a treatment for menopause symptoms.

The Queenager: Eleanor's Letter (November 19th 2023)

What this newsletter and our movement is all about

Starting a new chapter takes grit, guts and the support of other Queenagers

The company: Adventure Yogi

The Queenager: Eleanor's Letter (November 12th 2023)

Or is it a lifetime spent on screens and Covid? And come and join me and June Sarpong at the Saatchi Gallery on November 26th. Details below

Have we so helicopter-parented our kids that Uni feels hard for them?

The Queenager: Eleanor's Letter (November 5th 2023)

My annual trip to Westonbirt for the autumn colour

Books, leaves and the layering of memories

The Queenager: Eleanor's Letter (October 29th 2023)

Friends was us, Generation X, leaving Uni and setting out on our lives, stuck in second gear, seeking succour from each other.

I didn't know Matthew Perry the man but I knew Chandler better than many of my real Friends

The key to a fulfilling mid-life career – mastering your dance with fear and confidence

We know mid-life is a uniquely challenging time, but it’s also a key pivotal time. The choices you make now really matter. Author and careers coach, Laura Walker, shares insights from her award-winning research and what you can do to help yourself master the next steps. 

The Queenager: Eleanor's letter (October 22nd 2023)

A fortnight of contrasts - meditation and extreme busy-ness

Quiet in France, mania in Spain and how the essential link is mutual support

Noon Tours: Skiing in Switzerland 2024

Enjoy five days in the glorious Swiss mountains, staying in a welcoming, family-run four star hotel.

The Queenager: Eleanor's Letter (October 9th 2023)

It's World Menopause Day next week - but the change is just one part of the Midlife Maelstrom

Queenagers quitting and the second brain drain: it's not just menopause