Join us: Catherine Mayer on bereavement and re-embracing life

Journalist Catherine Mayer and Anne Mayer Bird, her mother and co-author, discuss the loss of their husbands and coping with bereavement with Eleanor Mills.

Journalist, activist and Noon Advisory Board member Catherine Mayer has written a searing account of losing her beloved husband Andy Gill, founder member of band Gang of Four, at the beginning of the pandemic. Her mother Anne Mayer Bird lost her husband of four decades a month earlier. Their book Good Grief charts their shared journey through dark times and their efforts to together bring themselves back to life. Catherine and Anne talk to Noon Founder Eleanor Mills about loss, love and learning to embrace life again in a special FREE online zoom event to celebrate the publication of the paperback.

Bereavement, love and learning to re-embrace life

Join our FREE Zoom for this unique discussion with Catherine Mayer, her co-author and mother the journalist Anne Mayer Bird and Noon Founder Eleanor Mills. 

Weds 16 Feb 2022

18:30 GMT

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Read an except from Good Grief

Catherine Mayer on the physicality of grief


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