I tried LYMA menopause supplement. It's given me a spring in my step again

Samara Streeten tried LYMA supplements to improve her menopause. In Part 2 of her diaries, she shares the results.

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Samara Streeten experienced Covid and menopause symptoms and has concerns about HRT but would like menopause to be a positive change, leading to a more spiritual, peaceful life.

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I started taking LYMA two months ago and I am definitely feeling better.  I have religiously taken these copper bullets of health in the morning and at night and I am genuinely sleeping better. I’ve had long Covid and menopause at the same time – many of the symptoms overlap, whether that is foggy brain, tiredness or trouble sleeping. I was feeling really low and physically depleted. But eight weeks of LYMA and I am slowly coming back to life.

With every day that passes I feel a little more like my old self. My skin looks fresher and brighter, my eyes look clearer, and my wrinkles are much less prominent.

The night sweats are less frequent, and several girl friends have complimented me out of the blue saying how healthy my skin looks, and asking if I am using new make up or beauty creams and wanting to know my secret. Nothing has changed in that department; I’m still using the day and night moisturiser I always have and nothing else. So the difference is LYMA. With every day that passes I feel a little more like my old self. My skin looks fresher and brighter, I don’t look so tired or drained. My eyes look clearer, and my wrinkles are much less prominent. As I say, my friends and daughters keep telling me I look well. Everything is as I say subtle but hey its being noticed and I will take any positive compliments at my age!

LYMA for hair, skin and nails

A key ingredient in the LYMA Supplement is Cynatine® HNS, the world’s first solubilised, active keratin. Keratin plays an important role in the body, and it is the major structural component of hair, skin and nails. Cynatine® HNS uses the latest technology to deliver a highly bioavailable, stable and clinically proven form of natural keratin peptides, capable of being delivered directly to hair, skin, and nails to repair, protect and strengthen.

The change wasn’t instant. I don’t know when I first noticed. Maybe it was so subtle I wasn’t paying much attention. I’ve been feeling so rubbish for so long I’d almost given up hope that I would ever feel better. But I am slowly feeling brighter on the LYMA formula. Some days are better than others, of course. The long Covid is there, and I still get tired quicker than I used to, particularly if I overdo it at work. But these bad days are definitely more infrequent than they were and there are far more good ones in-between.

Drinking and menopause

I have been regularly exercising each morning to a YouTube workout and been trying to eat healthily though of course with a sprinkling of naughty treats. Life is too short not to have a drink, but I have decided only to drink good wines and champagne rather than cheaper headache-inducing varieties.

Drinking definitely makes me feel sluggish and lousy. That is true, I know, for all women in menopause as the liver is having to work harder to try and balance the hormones anyway. And drinking with long Covid really does trigger a downturn ten times worse than before. In fact anything tiring is made far worse at this time. But thanks to the LYMA my mood is brighter.

LYMA supplement for a better mood

How do I know? Well I normally have a feeling of dread coming on by now about winter coming. I hate the cold, bring me spring all year round. But this year I feel surprisingly cheerful. I think LYMA is actually helping to balance out my hormones; I am less stressed and much more calm. Situations where I would have felt anxious are not bothering me at the moment. My mood is much improved.

This isn’t because life has been plain sailing. I managed to catch the dreaded cold from my daughter, I coughed and spluttered and was full of phlegm. It was exhausting. But to my surprise I managed to fight it off before she did. Which shows my immune system has really picked up. Again, I put that down to LYMA, it really has improved my resilience. Without it I am sure I would not have got better again so fast.

LYMA: Boost your immunity

 Building up your immune system is key to avoiding common colds and infections during the winter months. There are several steps individuals can take to boost their immune system, and the LYMA Supplement has been proven to help. Wellmune, a key ingredient, contains 1-3, 1-6 beta-glucans, a well-known immune modulator that raises immunity and reduces allergy symptoms. LYMA also includes HydroCurc, a potent anti-inflammatory agent with multiple health benefits.

It is not an instant cure, but it does seem to be working. I am not looking for miracles just little steps and small changes. But thanks to LYMA everything is now going in the right direction.  These golden bullets seem to be giving this frazzled mid-life woman a spring in her step again.

– Samara Streeten


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