Webinar with Noon and AJ Bell

Financial Spanx for Queenagers

At Noon we talk a lot about entering a new chapter in midlife, becoming the woman you always wanted to be… but to do that you need sound financial underpinnings. To that end, Noon has partnered with AJ Bell to bring you a special free Zoom webinar which in simple and engaging ways will talk you through everything you need to know about your Queenager finances. Whether that’s consolidating all your pensions from different pots, working out your will and if you need a Power of Attorney, thinking about your savings and making them work harder for you or just generally getting a grip on all those money-related chores that we know provoke a mixture of terror and apathy in the best of us. Drawing on fascinating new research from AJ Bell called The Wobbly Bits, this session will meet you where you are. We know that this stuff can feel impenetrable and difficult, full of jargon or irrelevances – not this webinar – this is designed to be ultimately Queenager-friendly.

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