Explore the 6 modules of the Dating in Midlife Course

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To make the most of Noon’s new dating website, Mairi Macleod PhD can guide you through the best strategies to use to find the partner that’s right for you, with her Successful Dating in Midlife course.
Here’s what each of the 6 modules of the course consists of:

Module 1: Confidence

In module #1 you’ll learn:

  • why your self-esteem and confidence are your most powerful tools in finding the man you need, and how to get these nailed
  • what men are attracted to and want from relationships – and why you have what it takes for the right guy
  • how to distinguish between what you want in a man and what you need in a man, and how to use this knowledge to find a happy relationship

Module 2: Mate Value

In module #2 you’ll learn:

  • what “mate value” is and why it’s so important that you find a partner who has similar mate value to yourself
  • why “mate value” is not the same as value as a partner
  • how to use this knowledge to find a quality guy who will treat you like a queen and build a fantastic relationship with you

Module 3: Personality

In module #3 you’ll learn:

  • your score in the Big 5 personality factors and what this means for your relationships
  • how to look for partners based on what you need for a happy, lasting relationship, rather than raw gut instinct
  • how to come to desire good men rather than the sexy, edgy, super-confident types
  • how to spot the signals of personality types to go for, and those you MUST avoid

Module 4: Attachment Style

In module #4 you’ll learn:

  • your own attachment style and what it means for your relationship behaviour and what you need
  • how to identify a potential partner’s attachment style and how to select on the basis of their ability to meet your needs
  • strategies for insecures to find the relationship that gives them security and happiness

Module 5: Online Dating

In module #5 you’ll learn:

  • how to actually have fun with online dating by approaching it positively and being efficient with your time and energy
  • how to write your profile to attract the right men for you specifically, while avoiding players, con artists and men who just don’t have what it takes to make you happy
  • how to write and respond to messages, arrange the best kind of first dates and get conversation flowing with the good guys

Module 6: Meeting Men

In module #6 you’ll learn:

  • how to have an “abundance mindset” and confidently meet new men – and know where to meet them
  • how to set your boundaries and get relationships off on the right foot
  • how to avoid wasting emotional energy on the wrong men, and how to pace your early encounters in a way that leads to genuine relationship happiness