Noon Expert: Sheila V

Noon Expert: Sheila V

Sheila Vijeyarasa is our resident empowerment coach with a difference. She left a successful publishing job to become an empowerment guru. Her first book The Courageous Path is being published around the world in 2021. Sheila will be hosting Courageous Path talks for the Noon community on Zoom and will be leading transformational retreats for us in the autumn.

Sheila V on Making Real Change in Your Life

In this video you’ll find some fantastic ways to help manage the fear and take the  brave steps towards the life you may be dreaming of. Enjoy her tips… and get ready to make a change. 

Sheila went from being a CFO of Simon and Schuster in Australia in her mid-thirties to becoming a shamanic empowerment guru. Sheila doesn’t sugar-coat the panic inducing feelings experienced in making a leap into the unknown.

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