Noon Expert: Julia Bueno

Noon Expert: Julia Bueno

Julia Bueno shines a light on reproductive mental health including infertility, grief and loss

Julia Bueno is a psychotherapist, counsellor and author of The Brink of Being: Talking About Miscarriage. She specialises in helping women come to terms with loss and grief around fertility.

Contemplate reproductive mental health

In this video Julia shines a light on reproductive mental health and the issues many women suffer, all too often, in silence. As Julia reminds us, grief has no shelf-life. If this chimes with you or women close to you, Julia’s illuminating advice could be the help you need.

Understanding life without children

Nearly a third of midlife women with university educations don’t have children – but our society stubbornly refuses to acknowledge that fact. Bueno says there is an ocean of subterranean grief around childlessness in our society. She also works with women who are using fertility treatments or surrogacy to have children into their fifties. She lost her own twins very late in a pregnancy and speaks not only with consummate professional skill, but also from her own experiences.

Some of us have chosen to be child-free but find ourselves experiencing something akin to loss, others struggle to conceive, becoming anxious and stressed. And then there are those who suffer the grief of losing a child following miscarriage.

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