Noon Expert: Christina Ioannidis

Christina helps people transform in midlife, so they can act as their own muse to get their mojo back and feel invigorated mentally and physically.

Christina Ioannidis is an award-winning transformation trainer and speaker and creator of the Noon Academy: Midlife Muse Transformation Boot Camp. She has faced the challenges of midlife and has come out the other side. She has had to transform herself into a Modern Muse, navigating life’s multiple upheavals as a chronic illness sufferer and breadwinner/carer. She has, most recently been, Noon’s Menopause Diaries contributor and sits on Noon’s Board of Advisors.

Since 2007 she has worked with women from across the globe in managing their careers and its transitions; she is spearheading Top of Her Game, a platform enabling women to be on their Peak Performance. Her strategies are based on real-life experience and all the possible curveballs that can be thrown to any woman in mid-life. Christina is currently authoring her second book: Transformational Leadership: Rebuild, Reboot, Reconquer.

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